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Core Strut Brace


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This is looking awesome :thumbs:


I think a red one would look extra awesome in a bay with other red accents... :teeth:


Actually a polished one with my other polished goodies :p Red could work aswell or perhaps a two tone thing ;)

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Some pop charger covers may need a little tweek but hey this is all about Custom, I changed the colour of my support braces the other day instead of just purple I added the Flashes :lol:ad27a3bb946977de9bcea764fa29c832_zps4bfcf275.jpg27200d4dfa8e5a9e01114cd57f0abcbc_zps2cf62eb0.jpg2b6256c3ecf89f8cc640f325d72589f3_zps8db03af3.jpg

This is how she looks now :thumbs:


Fair play, that is possible the cleanest, nicest, colour combo I have ever seen on a Z.. infact in almost any engine bay for a custom Jobby!

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Sorry Mark, dam work keeps interfering in my "Play time". Anyway, glorious day today, so time to get the brace on:


Please bear in mind that I am probably the worlds worst at taking piccies, will get my son-in-law to do some Hi Res one's tomorrow:








I have to say that my pics do NOT do the brace justice, it truly is a work of art of the highest quality, I totally love it and should of grabbed it sooner.


Now I have to finish off the engine bay:

  • Red Mishmoto Hose
  • Red Dress Conduit
  • Some other tricks up my sleeve.

I think I will need to do something about the airfilter, the Mishmoto hose I have maybe a little too short so the filter is up tight against the brace, whereas if the hose was 20mm longer, it would clear it with no problems, or the other option is to go back to the standard filter box.......... But that will totally screw up the Core Brace Mark so lovingly made, but will chat to you about the options.


In the meantime, enjoy, and a massive thanks for the brace.

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