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  1. Sorry it sold lasts night to another member. Thanks for looking Graeme
  2. Giving this one a little bump, every time I go in the garage I see this kit sat there begging to be fitted to a zed. More than happy to discuss sensible pricing. And can also discuss the possibility of meeting up to handover. I travel between Darlington and the South of the country on a regular basis, so more than happy to meet a buyer at a Service station or similar. Thanks for looking
  3. Ok that’s great. Hate it when things are not right
  4. Yes definitely, and I am positive any of the other guys will confirm :-)
  5. Hi "Scotzman", Roughly 41"W x 22"H x 10"D (By the time you have packing on). Thats being on the generous side and allowing for a good layer or two of bubble-wrap. Unfortunately despite travelling around the country, the nearest I get to you is unfortunately passing through by train on the way to Inverness. My daughter who is a HGV driver and did get up that way, is currently on maternity leave. Unless any of the guys on the forum are heading that way, and I dont mind meeting someone to pass over the goods, ultimately courier is going to be the
  6. Hi Scotzman, As per the post, you would need to sort your own courier. I am happy to package up, but if you want to pick up with courier service you would need to arrange your own, that allows you the flexibility of going for any of the usual couriers. Thanks
  7. Bought this off Torqen when they very first came on the market, but due to work commitments never got around to fitting it, its been hanging in the garage every since. The Zed went a good while ago, and just decided to have a sort out in the garage as its was a nice afternoon. Grabbed some pics and here we are. Unfortunately I cannot arrange courier services, so ideally local pick-up OR if someone wants to arrange their own courier, then I am more than happy to pack and wrap. Payment: I don't have PayPal, closed that down many moons ago, so its either "Ba
  8. Various parts that I have had laying around the garage. The car went may months ago, and I just never got around to sorting all these bits out. With the larger parts I am putting up, I would prefer collection (I am in Darlington). I don't have any courier facilities. If someone wants to arrange their own courier and insurance, then I am happy to pack the items up. Payment Terms: Bank Transfer or cash I don't have PayPal..... Sorry Still a lot of the guys on the forum that will probably remember me, and can vouch for my honesty and integrity if anyone
  9. Weekly bump of my pride and joy, tastefully customised to a very high standard...... Just want to see her go to a good home. Thanks
  10. Cheers bud ...... will break my heart to see her go...... But have to move on...... I do anything up to 3K per month driving, so by the time I get home Friday night, I am just too knackered to consider any more driving.
  11. Bit of a sad time for me having finally decided its time to sell the Zed. Has nothing to do with needing the money or anything like that. Its down to work/life balance which is non-existent really. I just dont get the time to drive the Zed, gets pulled out of the garage every week, engine run up and everything checked, then back in the garage. Maybe a quick run to work now and again, but nothing like she deserves. Couple of oil changes/services per year...... all to keep me happy. I would hate to add up what I have spent on her, always ensuring she got the best I c
  12. Thanks Alex....... just thought I would make someone's Christmas , also I only wanted to get back what I paid out ...... so now we are both happy..... Merry Christmas to you and the family.
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