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Breaking Supercharged 350z


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Hi Guys,


Unfortunately I hit a deer 5 minutes from my house on the way to the Nurburgring (big ****er as well), front bumper, bonnet, LH wing, LH HR Headlight and roof (bonnet opened and smashed into the roof) are badly damaged and not willing to pump more money into the car as all I've had is bad luck with it. Absolutely gutted as I had to ride passenger for the whole trip. 

Therefore, I am breaking it, all parts available bar what I've said above.


I will post up a proper list once I've put it all together but in the meantime if you're after any small bits, drop me a PM and I can get some prices over to you, I work at TORQEN as most of you know so shipping is no issue whether it be UK or international. 


Wheels will be the last to go as I still need to be able to move the car around for the time being, happy to take a deposit on them if you want to secure them. 


LMGT4 Wheels with Pilot Sport 4s (Silver) - £2400 - Could probably do with a refurb as they're quite old and have some corrosion 

HKS Supercharger Package (Blower, Intercooler, CJM Fuel return system with pump, GTR injectors, oil cooler etc) - £5000

NSM V3 Rear Bumper painted in Black - £450 (some chips in the fiberglass, easily repairable) 

NSM V3 Style Spoiler painted in Black - £450

NSM V3 Style Skirts painted in Black - £250

D1 Throttle Controller - £50  

Fujitsubo Backbox - £400

Tan 350z Convertible Seats - £300

Transmission (inc uprated C&F) - £600

370z Brakes with Akebono adapters to fit 350z, fresh front pads - £1500

Flat Bottom Suede OE Steering wheel - £250

NISMO Blue Mirrors - £150

Sequential rear indicators Clear - £80

NISMO Gear Knob - £100 

350z HR Tail Lights, slight chips on the corners but no misting or issues - £275

Oil Catch Can Setup - £50

M2 MotorSport Front Strut Brace - £80

Drivers Side 350z HR Headlight (some slight tint on it) - £250

NISMO Genuine Fuel Filler Cap - £80 

NISMO Genuine Oil Filler Cap (V2 Ratchet Type) - £80

350z Metal Pedal Covers (Clutch, brake and accelerator all included) - £60 

350z DE Horsham Dev Plenum Spacer - £60

Practically Brand New 350z DENSO coil packs, fitted less than 200 miles ago - £250 


I haven't listed any of the OEM parts here but anything and everything is available (providing the car can still move without it), window regulators, wing, sensors, crash bars etc etc.  


More parts will be added as I've probably forgotten stuff. 


Please note, this is not anything to do with TORQEN, it's my personal vehicle. 



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