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Not quite a Z...

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Good evening!


New member and probably not what you're expecting!

I've recently picked up an M35 Stagea Autech Axis. As you can probably imagine, the scene isn't exactly huge for those over here in the UK. So seeing as I've got the one with the VQ35DE donk in it, I figured I'd join here!






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1 hour ago, JayT said:

Welcome to the club dude.  I’ve never actually seen one of these on the road! Looks so clean! 👍🏼

Cheers man. Yeah, they're pretty rare! There's a UK Facebook page but it's only got 130-odd people on it and a lot of those seem to be lost Australians 😂

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Welcome along buddy! I’m a former 350Z owner and current fellow M35 owner, although mines got the VQ25DET in it. But it’s also an Autech model (Autech Aero Selection T Series 1) according to its VIN. 



Totally get what you mean about all the Aussies in the UK groups though! 

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