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Old member and an old Zed to remember an even older member


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29 minutes ago, Stutopia said:

Amazing news. For a man who's in Hartlepool or Aberdeen, you had to go a long way to find an MOT centre that was prepared to sign it off ;)


How's she drive?



No idea yet. Pick her up tomorrow to drive home. Considering I've not driven it more than 150 meters in the past year it's going to be enlightening. 

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1 minute ago, Kieran O'Quick said:

That place is just a couple of streets over from me... are they a decent set up? Worth using?

Yeah no complaints at all about Ali's work. He seems to do quite a lot on 350s, and owns one himself. 

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Been a wee while since I updated this. So for anyone still following then read on. 


I put the Zed away for the winter and concentrated on other things. I had planned on sending it to the UK expert on Z32s for a 120k service and a few other bits. But as he's based in Bristol is was immensely impractical for me in the end. So I bit the bullet and ordered everything up myself from various US and UK suppliers. 

Planned works:

Plenum pull for plenum coolant line delete. 

New spark plugs 

Replace the felxi fuel line on the fuel rail

Replace all vacuum and fuel lines in the engine bay

120k service - usual suspects but also includes cam seals, crank sprocket, bypass hoses. 

As you'd expect there's been a degree of mission creep already. Mostly involving cleaning up of various aluminium bits. Valve covers have been sent off for powder coating. 

As of today I'm at the stage we're I'm about to remove the harmonic balancer and get on to do water pump, tensioner, idlers, belt, seals etc. 

Scattering of pics below (probably on a random order). 












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