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Olly's 370z Nismo - Update!

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2 minutes ago, ShortPaul said:

Did your floor mats come with your zedB)


Start / stop button took all over 2 minutes to swap over, very easy


Yeah it came with mats, I'm wanting to replace them with new (something I've always done when buying a new car, right of passage) however I was a bit shocked that they cost nearly £400 quid! 

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Not much of an update or my extreme modifying ways as I'd probably like, trying to keep this one as sensible as possible at least for the time being. But, I finally tackled a job that's been on my list and that was to replace the front red lower trims on the front bumper 


My originals were probably fine by mosts standards but did have several large stone chips so with the relatively cheap replacements it was time to get them on. What an arse of a job! 




You have to remove the under-tray, and then the lower part of each arch liner to get into each corner. Each garnish is held in place with three self tapping screws. You can see the colour difference clearly above


And done, a noticeable difference 






My next modification will be an exhaust. Which exhaust however is proving difficult to choose. Currently stuck between 


Invidia N1

ARK grip

Greedy Evolution 


Each has there pros and cons and for the cost involved has to be gotten right. Having watched what feels like every video on YouTube it seems like not many have fitted full systems to nismos 

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  • Olly350z changed the title to Olly's 370z Nismo - Update!

So, updates! 


My search for an exhaust was put on hold as I just couldn't settle on a brand as it had to fit right and sound right. I'd looked into short tails but couldn't justify £500 quid upwards for essentially a quarter of a full system. However, when these turned up for sale for a bargain price, it seemed the sensible way to go


So, today I fitted the AAM resonated short tails. Took an hour to fit including removing the backbox. Fitment is spot on, they look great and sound great. Idle is a burble, around town is a nice rumble and cruising is comfortable. When you do put your foot down they do sing, maybe a little loud for my liking but they'll do the job for now



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