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Ballistic APS Twin Turbo 350Z


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9 hours ago, ballistic said:



I didnt have any problem removing it no. I dont think that left side steering column bolt is coming out again without a fight though :lol:


Lol I've had the security bits kicking about for ages now to remove my wheel but just keep putting it off for fear of rounding the bolts off. I read they're pretty firmly stuck.. glad to see yours came off ok.

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Havnt updated for ages out of laziness and forgetfulness so i will start to catch the thread up.


Cam cover gasket was leaking so while i had it apart started on some engine bay dress up.


VHT paint. Looks more presentable. This was done is May 2022












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Posted (edited)

Spoiler time. Finally decided on a spoiler i like after ages deliberating. Its a Strosek style one without the metal brackets which are not my cuppa. (June 22)


Very happy with it


Also poly bushed my worn inner control arm bushes with Superpro.






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6 hours ago, davey_83 said:

Lovely touches with the orange and new rear spoiler goes well too. What's next, oil catch can? 

Ty mate. Its coming along.


I havnt noticed any oil in the intake or plenum so i probably wont get a catch can yet.

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Forgot i didnt add this. Bit of an odd one but i have a true dual APS 3" exhaust. It was extremely loud as it basically only had the rear silencers. I used to daily the Zed and was too much. So years ago i had the diameter reduced and extra silencers added


Fast forward to Feb 2022 and it hasnt been my daily for a while so decided to open it back up. Full 3" again with a high quality profusion silencer on each bank so its not as raspy as it was originally.


Heres how it looked when we removed it. Just before the mid boxes it drops to 2.5" and has two silencers.PXL_20220226_155646807.jpg.9c7c9f4aca664bdeb60c09633832211e.jpg


Heres a look at the new 3" profusions. Really nice quality. I wanted one good mid silencer so it wasnt overly loud.



Needed to weld a pie cut section to get around the rear ARB as its not designed for two pipes back there ofc




My fabricator Ben at work




New high grade 3" stainless welded in to replace the 2.5 section



Here they are all back to their former glory. 3" all the way.



Shot of it on the car



Old one again for comparison



Very pleased with this one. Love the sound . Now that its mainly used as a weekend car and fun drives its perfect. Very deep and a great rumble.


Will try to upload a couple vids from google drive (anyone know how?) 😁

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