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Bucking Hell! its the new Bronco!


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Is this going to be released in the UK do we know yet?


I've just read a brief article on Adrian Flux suggesting it will be, and will be priced around £23k which I cant believe.  I'd have thought closer to £40k would be more realistic...  But if they're that cheap then i'm having one!  Will look good next to my Mustang on the drive way. :teeth:


https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/blog/2020/01/10-new-cars-to-get-excited-about-in-2020.html#:~:text=2020 Ford Bronco&text=The 2020 Bronco%2C however%2C is,bulkier version from the 1970s.

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7 minutes ago, ATTAK Z said:

haha I knew that was coming when people started pointing out the date :lol:


Not long to go now B)

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51 minutes ago, ATTAK Z said:

... we may not have to wait too long for RHD :)

Nice B)


I am hearing reports of $10k markups for pre-orders, I think I am going to wait until next year once the rush is over. 



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