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Br-ex-ilection 2019

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 Anyone who thinks being a member of the EU caused austerity is naive to think that’s why people voted to leave.


Austerity policies by the conservative government caused austerity, which in turn left the weak, the poor, the vulnerable and those without hope of a better future, through no fault of their own, looking for an out.  Farage and co, along with the hard right sold the idea that Europe was the enemy, used disinformation, lies, underhand targeting of social media, racism, fear of immigration etc, etc, etc.  So the disaffected voted for what was sold as the solution, without a clue as to what might happen.  


No one, not one person can tell me, you or anyone else, in what way they will be better off leaving the EU, not a soul.  Three years now, I’m still none the wiser what any benefit of leaving the EU holds.


They've held up two boxes, one full of useful things like medicine, regulation, employment and human rights, free movement and trade with your neighbours and as a block to your advantage, £20


The other box was full of, well nothing substantial, nothing of use, nothing of fact, but they promise, once you look under all the trash, you’ll find a genie with three wishes and a bag of magic beans that will solve all.  The price?  We’ll tell you once you’ve committed to buy.


you decide for yourself which box is leave and which is remain.


Johnson is a tool, a liar, a philanderer, a racist, misogynistic, did I mention a liar?  If that kind of leadership is inspiring to you enough to vote for it, God help us.

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6 hours ago, Adrian@TORQEN said:

No, it won’t, you’re missing  the point, it’s a prerogative that can be used to overrule the parliament, just as he tried, after lying to the queen. We’re in very dangerous territory if the judicial review won’t be available anymore. 

Without teaching you to suck eggs mate, Parliamentary Sovereignty means that no government can pass a law that another can’t undo. That means whatever the next government do, the following one can change.  

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