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*** TORQEN *** New location opening party - You're all invited!


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Dear friends,


As many of you know already, we have moved into a new unit.


As a BIG THANK YOU for all our customers who made this possible, we would like to invite you all to our opening party.


We will have wood fire pizza baked on site and soft drinks on the house! Lots of freebees, too: T-Shirts, hats, stickers, lanyards etc.


Bring your ZED and your best behaviour. No drifting, no silly speeds will be tolerated on site.


Our sponsored driver Chris Wright will present his new Supra A90 and a few exotics will be on site, as well.


Free parking available for hundreds of cars on site.

TORQEN opening party.jpg

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40 minutes ago, RobPhoboS said:

Definitely get some pics of the new place up mate, it's looking great !


Thanks Rob, I shouldn't until it's officially opened, but since you and a few more have seen this in the WhatsApp group, might as well share with the forum too :lol: 


Work in progress, so much to deal with, but we're getting there.


Outside sign is now up and lit:




Packing area being emptied for the new flooring to be done. This was an engine building and welding room, packed with tools and equipment.




Flooring done in my office:






Corridor done as well:






Interior sign done:










A billion of tool boxes to be cleaned and reorganised:




New resin flooring and 1m x 1m customers cars posters printed, ready to go up on the wall to replace existing posters:






More shelving being erected, ready for most stock to arrive tomorrow and Monday. 50 Depo headlights arriving tomorrow, that should be fun! 








That's it for now. Back for more work tomorrow.

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On 07/10/2019 at 09:35, GranTurismoEra said:

Looks slick. You going to do fitting of some parts as well?

Thanks, I'll post a few more photos soon.


We have the guys next door that will be doing the fitting so we can focus on development and bringing more quality and exclusive parts to the market. 

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