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Drifty Track S12 VQ build


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So as per my Hello post yesterday, we bought a Nissan S12 back in 2009 after doing some drifting at Silverstone in a 370z during the Nissan days.


The car started out having been badly painted and stickered up by the previous owner (the Xbox logos weren't me, honest).


We regularly broke it but had lots of fun and crashed through the barriers, into oil drums and over the cones.




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Over time I stuck on a S13 paddle clutch, Saab intercooler and manual boost control valve.


Then after a few more runs, I decided to pull it apart and do the S13 based coilover conversion and stick on the S13 brakes.


We also cut out loads of rot and got a GP body kit. 


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Then came the decision to get someone who knew what they were doing to make it go faster and safer.


So I approached Mark and the team at Abbey for the mechanicals and Terry Loxton for the restoration of the shell and started the strip of the donor 350Z.


Leadfoot Racing have completed the cage and Abbey ahve completed the engine mounts and mock up, so soon it will be winging its way to Terrys for the shell work.


I'll put some more pics up as it progresses.







S12 Exhaust.jpg

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On 02/04/2019 at 13:59, docwra said:

Is that a genuine Grand Prix kit?  If so youre mad putting it on a driftcar :lol:

lol, its an ebay GP kit :)


I'm mad for doing the whole project ;)

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Sorry for the delayed update, but it's well under way being put back together now with Mark and the team at Abbey Motorsport.


Front end, S13/S14/Japspeed adjustable LCA and Tension Rods, stock rack with delrin bushes from one of the S12 specialists in the USA, BC coilovers, S13 brakes which are enough to lock the front.





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Rear: Z31T shafts, stubs and companion flanges, KaaZ 2 way lsd in stock R200 longnose housing, BC damper and adjustable perch kit.

KMAC adjustable camber bushes in the trailing arms and Z31 poly bushes in subframe

Twin S12 calipers, so hydro is on a separate circuit.




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