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Drifty Track S12 VQ build


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So, i started to @*!# it a bit about making too much noise for the track day.


A quick trip to a great local guy, https://www.facebook.com/blmotorsportfabrications, and I had a new centre pipe with a baffle section.


Then @*!# it that I'd mess up the tune, all a just a few days before the track day.


Thankfully Mark @Abbey Motorsport was on the case at a moments notice (and on his birthday) with some remote tuning tweaks and a couple of logging sessions.


We drove to Mallory, did 20 minutes every hour, we were in groups not open pit lane, and she ran faultlessly all day. the TR1 toyos were fine, still plenty of life in them.


There's not quite enough bite on the brakes, but this might be pad compound rather than the brakes, so I'm looking at options, but we were going round close to a minute, and able to have some fun, not racing, with a GT86, some of the Caterhams and a nice Golf GTI. We only really got toasted by a 600hp Audi S3 and a stripped out, caged Clio on track rubber.







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Quick update, the old girl made it to a few shows shows last year but not much else, will be pulling my finger out and hopefully doing some drift of track days this year, but if all else fails, I'm going to try and get 20 S12s togther, might even hijack one of @davey_83 meets. : )

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