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Aarghh which exhaust tip do I choose?

team stevedave

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As some of u may know from my previous threads I can never make my mind up!


I want to change my exhaust tips on my zed as I want a little bigger and fresher.


Just now it has 3.5" slash cut on an already full custom stainless steel system. It has a chargespeed rear bumper.



On left 4" inward slash cut 1/2" thick for a fuller look


On right 4.5" slash cut,burnt tip thin metal


These are two options from a very reputable company.


Some images of the back of my car to get an idea.



I'm more towards the 4" slash cut, I think the big burnt tip can turn this car ehh... Fast n furious?


Then looked at some on the net, and starting to think straight cut would look more powerful to match in with it being supercharged.




Slash cut makes bumper too round?




Anyway essay over, as I'm sure you have gathered im a perfectionist. And would love some outside my own head thoughts and opinions from u guys.


Thanks to this forum I found the paint I love!


Cheers guys.



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As a rule, exhaust tips should not be bigger than the size of your engine. ;)


Exceptions are any Lambo, and a mk4 Supra with a dirty great turbo strapped to it with a huge single box at the rear.


But do you mean the height or length of the engine? :p

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The one you like its your car.

Ultimately, this. No-one is going to like everything you do, so just go with your gut and take a punt. FWIW, I definitely wouldn't put the blue-tipped ones on your car with it being that colour. I might go gloss black to blend in with the pumper but that might be too subtle for you, although I think it would work perfectly with the wheels.

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