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  1. Hi All, I'm part of the NXTGEN SimRacing Group (https://www.nxtgenracing.co.uk/) and this season we will be using the Greddy Fugu Z (https://gran-turismo.fandom.com/wiki/GReddy_Fugu_Z) in our GT league. As this is Zed themed this season, I was wondering if there would be anyone happy to add their name as a sponsor to this? We'd put a logo of their choice on the livery of all cars, the events are live streamed on Twitch with commentary and then available on Youtube. I'm not looking for much at all, but to be able to add something Zed or Racing themed as a small prize or incentive for the winner(s). Full Details here: https://www.nxtgenracing.co.uk/gts-greddy Current sponsors include Power Maxed, Thrustmaster and FastR, but if anyone is interested, please drop me a PM. Season starts on Jan 13th If you fancy taking part and have a PS4 / PS5 and GT Sport, there are full details about signing up on the above links. Example of the Commentary and races here from last seasons Megane Trophy
  2. Hello! About 8 years ago I had a 350z for roughly a year until child No 3 appeared and I switched for a family wagon, but always said I'd love to get another one at some point. Well today, I got back into Zed ownership with 370z! I'm sure pictures will come when the weather is a little better. I was at the 2013 Wales meet and still have the pictures pop up on my Facebook memories, good to be back!
  3. Mine is up for sale: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201308158332905/sort/default/usedcars/model/350_z/make/nissan/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/radius/1/page/1/postcode/hx12qd?logcode=p Let me know if you're interested.
  4. I've got one for sale. Just moving some bits on before I sell the car. Drop me a PM if you've not found one already
  5. It's looking like time to put my 350z up for sale. Change of cicumstances and increased traveling in my job role have lead me to start thinking with my head instead of the heart and look for something more practical. The Car: 2004 GT in Blade Silver. Private plate will be included in the sale, but I also have the old plates which will be thrown in. I bought the car on 47k back on Nov 9th 2012 from the Car People in Wakefield, as of today the car has just touched 65k. As you may have seen from some of my posts, a huge majority of that will be motorway miles and will still be used as a daily so that will increase. Car has been run on Shell V-Power apart from just one fill up when I was looking like getting stuck in the snow and put a tank of 95 ron in to make sure I didn't get stranded at the side of the road. Car has run flawlessly for my whole, brief, ownership and I still rate the drive out on the Saturday in Wales as the best fun I've had in that thing. It's never been on a track day while in my ownership either. History P1 - 8563k - 08/09/05 - Nissan Main Dealer P2 - 17538k - 17/08/06 - The Car People P1 - 22482k - 10/09/07 - Nissan Main Dealer P3 - 28201k - 27/08/08 - Nissan Main Dealer P1 - 32788k - 03/09/09 - Nissan Main Dealer P2 - 36486k - 26/08/10 - Nissan Main Dealer L2 - 42261k - 23/09/11 - The Car People L2 - 47942k - 20/09/12 - The Car People This is when I picked her up and she had a new clutch put in, although I was unable to get information from the dealership as to what make, so I assumed OEM P3 - 57318k - 01/05/13 - Lockwood and Greenwood During this Service I also had a front wheel bearing replaced (Invoice from CS included in sale) and new brake pads fitted. They had sorted out the tracking as it was slightly out. She also had new Falken 453's fitted to the front about 3 weeks ago. (Tracking again checked and found to be spot on) Rears are NOT Falkens, but have around 6-7mm tread left on them. Z Badges front and rear Stubby Ariel included Spec includes RAYS, Leather Heated Seats, Cruise , AC, Steering wheel controls and the BOSE system. 3.5l V6 Engine. 276bhp and I've averaged 29mph over those 18,000 miles I can honestly say that there are no real negatives to mention, other than age related bodywork. She drives like a dream and has never missed a beat. Few stone ships on the bonnet and a slight scuff of paintwork on the bumper due to clipping a curb in a car park. There is also slight curbing and bubbling on the RAYS, which could probably do with a refurbish in the near future. No other mods or engine enchancements;she's all stock. Not been involved in an accident, stolen or has any outstanding finance on it Taxed until April Next year, with MOT due to expire in November. Car is pictured with a Zunsport Grill which I intend to remove and sell seperatly I'm looking for £6,500 and am based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Please drop me a PM if interested and test drives will be permitted only on documentation showing a valid driving licence and valid insurance to drive someone elses car. The bumper scuff:
  6. I love the fact that Batman worked in your pub
  7. I've been meaning to take my 7yr old down to the Lane but he doesn't like crowds, so a box would be perfect! I'll PM you
  8. I was just about to drop you a message on FB about this Will to see when it was, as I'd love to take the Zed on a track, but unfortunately I'm busy on the 18th
  9. Not embarrassing, but saw a DB4 on Saturday at Silverstone with the licence plate.. DB4. I think the plate could be worth as much as the car itself.
  10. We are in the SEAT in front of you with me and my boy waving out the back window. You've got a forum sticker so am assuming you'll see this! My other half says you could do with a Zunsport Grille though
  11. Were you heading down the A43 at around 8.30-8.45 from Northampton way? We were heading out of McDonalds at Towcester at around that time, and i saw a silver 350z. We got very wet yesterday evening! Wasn't me I'm afraid. My mate drove in his SEAT as I was still technically over the limit from a wedding reception the night before...
  12. I was there yesterday and what an amazing day out. Enjoyed it far more than GFOS few weeks back. Nice to hear you're closely involved Will, hope today is as productive
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