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  1. Sounds sweet mate a big bhp, I got a twin turbo lump having work done as we speak
  2. Heard many good things about you sir Haha I think billyzed has a little man crush on me
  3. Anytime mate, just gotta sell the twin tubby lump now and then strip n sell all the parts.....I am collecting far to many zeds lol
  4. Thanks again for the parts . top man

  5. I got one brand new from epr racing still in packaging...cost me over £100 so £75 delivered???
  6. Can vouch for these and the guy selling them so GLWTS they wont hang around
  7. Well you've hit the nail on the head with that idea.. :teeth:
  8. I bought a a genuine bodykit for my escort cossie years ago off ebay, same kinda thing and clearly the guy thought hes in Portsmouth im in Liverpool so haha...Wrong.... me and a few of the cage warrior lads turned up at his front door at 6am. He was like " Help police" and his parents invited me in I explained the problem and his dad drove to the cash point and got me my cash...Simple answer is if hes on facebook someone will have his address so go get ya money back
  9. I had them on my R34 skyline and the stopping power is crazy. I bought mine new and when i broke the car they were the first things that sold but were a little cheaper than them ones......deffo worth the money imo
  10. Ha ha....now quiet or i'll crush you with my wallet
  11. Billy stick with your Nismo exhaust system as it sounded poo earlier I could just about hear it over your girly/gay music...
  12. What's wrong with Brides mate, we know someone with a red pair and nothing to put them in





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