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  1. Haha, im telling myself i wont do it to the 370 but then found out tarmac is selling air ride >_< hes good at convincing me to spend money haha ! - got to say guys, there is no other forum that even comes close to how welcoming and responsive the 350zuk forum is !
  2. Wow I didn't think I would be back here two years later ! Some might remember my car others probably not - I had a 350z and modified it quite a bit before selling up and moving onto a Silvia and z4 project - bored of them now so picked up a 370z ! got to say I've missed the Zee cars ! my old 350z - my Z4 and the Silvia
  3. yeah its a lovely front end but i just loved the smoothed Nismo v2.. so gotta swap it back around haha !
  4. Hey guys, haven't posted much ( my bad ) anyway i got bored of my pale coloured gold i had and i decided to have the car painted Lamborghini Oro Adonis.. I've fitted an amuse front bumper too ( which I'm selling and going back to my nismo v2 ) and I've slapped a set of Weds LZX wheels on it... err, air ride is going on next week too.. so il keep you updated but heres a pic before the drive to modified nationals. Thanks
  5. does the spoiler have the light in it ?.. if so il take it dude message me if so i don't usually check the 370 bits !
  6. £40 for the steering wheel ?
  7. haha thanks dude ! would be awesome being in a calendar !
  8. yeah the car was bought with a smashed up wing, door, bonnet, rear window etc turned it into this in 3 weeks.. but was always to be a show car.. ended up in fast car and all those bits... got so much to do to it though but will always be silly low, big "questionable" wheels and showy show show style lol.. I've been to view a cat d audi R8.. that will be just tuned style so... this is my play thing haha its on 44k now though... !! so should be rolling around for some time haha i imagine it will change again soon
  9. haha no its one of those remote hide away plates
  10. haha thanks will... i don't actually know what they are either... just thought they looked cool and knew i needed winter wheels haha !! iPhone 6 pics though wish i used a proper cam
  11. hey guys, long time no posts ! I'm useless and should update more... anyway i got on the snow hype and went for a 4am drive .. pics below
  12. il gladly take these just need to get shifted of the ones i have on now and consider how to get to london to pick them up o.O





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