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  1. what i mean is why the lower profile 40 up front? what does this achieve? less understeer?
  2. Why did you run 245/40 front and 245/45 rear?
  3. Hi, Bought my zed and it is going to be a 80% track car, 20% road car. its currently on 245/45/18 tyres (which need changing soon) had a look today and its got 8j front rays and 8.5j rear. standard. would it be best if running a square tyre set up to run front and rear wheels the same size? and if so, would it be best to run 8j all round or 8.5j all round, assume tyre size is kept as 245/45/18. if the contact area is the same, surely it would be better to run the slightly lighter 8js? cheers.
  4. I'm going from 17th may - 22nd, convoy will be me in a 350z, a turbo mk2 mx5, Mini R58 JCW, Scooby and possibly a EVO X. Drive out Thursday, track is open Friday eve, sat/sun/mon all day, drive back Tuesday, Is our 5th time there, so know the track limits and surrounding area reasonably well. Welcome to join if you like!
  5. 8 months on since this post and i've finally agreed to buy my next zed.... Should be picking it up next week. Its 2003 Import, Silverstone, Done 130k, but an engine replacement that has only 80k on it. It looks tatty. and its a bit of a gamble. But is fairly cheap and as a weekend/Track car - not overly fussed. Going Ring in may, so will have a good few months to sort any issues and get tyres / brakes sorted etc.
  6. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback. basically an Evo X but with a smaller turbo and a big boot. 6k will get you a 2011 reg with under 60k on the clock
  7. none? it looks cheap and tacky IMO.
  8. ill be up for being a passenger? (i need to clear it with work) i've been 5 times before - running about 9m-8m30s (before me zed caught fire last year!) Feel i know the track quite well - could be quite handy to be a co-pilot?
  9. What is the paintwork like underneath the wrap?
  10. Luke0549

    Destroying my zed

    it looks awful imo. it wont make it go faster. it will be a pain in the ass. youll spend more money on wheels to make it sit right. the bodykit will crack and either then look awful or again have to spend money putting it right. im assuming everything in total will be about 10k? (inc sus/wheels/kit/paint/labour etc etc etc) just put it towards a better standard car.
  11. Luke0549

    Direnza spacers.

    I ran 30mm spacers that were from china and non hub centric. The wheel only fell off once - and that was because i didnt tighten it properly. Done mallory park and a trip to the nurburgring and about 15k miles. - Think ive still got them somewhere actually... So buying cheaper ones are fine.
  12. the best one is the Golf R Estate - only 2 out of the 4 exits are connected. Unlike the S3/Golf R
  13. Personally i think it will look gash.
  14. Saab 9-3 TiD 1.9 - £60-70 every 2 weeks - full tank - that lasts me about 600 Miles Although will be buying a Zed soon so i can pretty much double the cost of fuel instant to £60-70 per week.
  15. Hi guys, Looking for a DE GT with sub 90k preferably and with documented history. Ideally looking for black - but may consider other colors. Budget of £5000-£6000. Will travel far and wide for the right car. Cheers
  16. Cheers (again) guys. Hopefully ill be around a bit longer this time...! Going to throw up a 'wanted' ad now.
  17. Yeah - Single veh RTC. Came off the road for unknown reasons. Male driver taken to hospital with serious injuries. Unknown at this stage if likely to prove fatal or not. Silver 04 DE. Wont disclose reg number for obvious reasons.
  18. Hi guys. I'm back....again! On the lookout for my 6th 350z...! 1st - nailed it into a fence 2nd - sold to go travelling 3rd - bought for a ring trip and sold after 4th - HKS supercharged 350z which my mate decided to set on fire on the 'ring. 5th - bought off mate ^ but never drove as had just moved house - didnt have time / space etc so sold it on. Now on the lookout for a Black DE GT with documented history and sub galactic miles. Also will be looking for a vortech kit Anyone know of any for sale then let me know! Cheerssss.
  19. Luke0549

    Car Choice

    GT-R. Just spent two weeks in California and i must have seen over 700 Mustangs. They're everywhere, they look and sound good. But as someone pointed out - Its under 40k for a BRAND NEW car. Which sounds great - but you have to question what corners they cut in order to get it to under 40k. i believe it is going to plummet in value in the next few years. Whilst the GT-R is holding firm/rising slightly. Cayman is nice - But thats it - Doesn't really 'WOW' me. If i was spending a lot of money on a car - i would want to be like a little kid at christmas everytime i was going for a drive - and the GT-R for me - seems like the car to be able to do that. Its got 4 seats, a boot - and very easy to get more power out of if thats what you want.
  20. 206 gti 180 is awful imo. on ebay they go for as little as £300. get a Clio 172 for £1000 or even a Focus ST170.
  21. Give Abbey Motorsport a call - I had the same issue - fixed it there and then for me.
  22. get an old e class diesel for daily duties for peanuts then get a toy.





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