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  1. feel free to get in touch here also, I could price up a set for you I had a gun metal zed before my current black one. I actually really liked the standard rays colour silver if im being honest. other colours I would consider is Gold or bronze. unless ofcourse your into the more mental colours such as green and pink!
  2. I have a sneaky feeling it is the motor as I have had a previous car do this to me although it only became very slow and tired lookin, my Z window has stopped working completely. So just want to be sure It has been acting slow and tired for about a month, but in the last few days it has even stopped doing that small seal movement after closing the door. I have to be extra careful closing the door because it is already right up to the full. So i'm guessing its the motor, and no doubt ( going by my previous experience on a honda ) its quite expensive for such a @*!# bit of work you cant even see haha
  3. Have not been online all weekend. Just seen this. Congrats and all the best, Enjoy Jamaica!
  4. was just sayin mate, avoid paisleyfreight for item of this kind of value, they should only be allowed to post corsa parts good luck with sale though
  5. i'd rather grasp my manhood with a handfull of kitchen scourer and proceed with having a powerwank than use paisleyfreight courier services. used them for a while, all fine, until one package last year went wrong, seriously wrong! they washed their hands of me leaving me big time out of pocket. interparcel.com and above mentioned site, they are cheaper anyways, and also allow you to alter the insurance cover
  6. anyone? its actually for a 35 infinity skyline. but same question stands
  7. yeah im aware of the colour, its no problem though thanks
  8. Does anyone have one of these and have no use for it? not in any hurry, but cash waiting so long as its not bent and busted. light scratches don't worry me too much as I can machine polish them out? thanks
  9. how much for the tool kit for next to the spare wheel? iv got everything in mine except the jack and wheel nut bar. my jack is bent after a couple of lifts on uneven ground ( had no choice at the time ) and now feels a bit loose and unsafe. iv been keeping my eyes on the local scrap yards stock for any 350z's or similar to see if any of them have the same tools. no doubt i could pick them up for a tenner if they do
  10. quick question fellas. suprised iv never came across this before to be honest. if a non brembo zed is upgrading the brake lines are the fittings and lengths the same?
  11. I have 1 remaining pair of 30mm in stock Feel free to get in touch
  12. hi mate i'm not in a hurry or anything but any news on when this will be delivered? i thought I would have came home to it after 2 weeks in hospital send me a PM or reply here when you get a chance
  13. ferodo pads in stock, DBA's not at the moment feel free to get in touch





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