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AMMO Products Test (more like used then reported on)


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Since the forum got me interested in detailing, I've tried a few bits and pieces, mainly through waxybox trial bottles. I do have a stock kit of goodies I've settled on but I am always looking out for new stuff to try. It turns out I actually really like relaxing with some tunes on and washing the car. Apparently not everyone is wired this way, so I get some pretty weird looks from the neighbours each week, but hey, if we all liked the same thing...


This was a 6 month wash (category, not duration :lol: ), so I would usually snowfoam (valet pro), rinse, clean wheels (MER wheel cleaner), TBW (megs hyper wash), rinse, clay and lube, paint cleanser (Dodo Lime Prime Lite), glaze (Poorboys White Diamond), wax (Poorboys Liquid Natty's Blue), QED (Angel Wax).


However, the last few months I've been addicted to the Drive Clean detailing videos and also listening to the AMMO NYC podcasts. As a noob to detailing they've been fantastic, I've learnt loads and they are pitched so that even a learner can understand what he's going on about. As well as that, the guy who does them is clearly an ubergeek for detailing and his passion and interest shines through, which I think makes the episodes so watchable (if you like this sort of thing). He also works directly on the products and tweaks the formula, so it's interesting that it's not just a branding exercise (thought the marketing is vey nice).


Anyway, I decided that for Christmas I'd order myself some goodies form the AMMO store as I'd seen some things I liked the look of and wanted to try one or two of the others. I've had so much free education from the AMMO videos I didn't really mind taking the sting on the tax and shipping to the UK, but I'm a believer in paying for quality, educational content.


So about a fortnight ago this lot arrived:


AMMO Foam Paint Cleanser (shampoo to you and me)

AMMO Skin Defense Coat (sealant?)

AMMO Hydrate Paint Moisturiser (drying aid)

AMMO Spit Shine (I think it's a quick detailer, with some lubrication in there)

AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner

AMMO Woolies (two soft brushes for wheels, one long to go deep and one small with an angled head)


The weather has prevented me having fun with these until today. I did have a quick go on the AMMO Hydrate last weekend after my weekly wash and it does leave a nice shiny layer behind during the drying phase, which was pleasing and boosted my bead. It also aided the drying towel movement, with reduced "drag". Seems a decent way to minimise marring in the drying phase. However, as I was claying today (straight after the wash and rinse) I didn't have a drying phase, I just microfibred each panel dry after I clayed it, so no Hydrate.


Goodies, freshly unboxed, the best bit.






The little angle headed brush is the perfect size for Rays, it gets in everywhere, around behind the spokes and along the lip, super pleased with this.


It rained this morning so the car was wet when I started, this meant my usual foam stage didn't cling as long as I would've liked, but she wasn't exactly filthy in the first place. We've seen lots on these snowfoam products, so I won't go into detail. They're decent and inexpensive, I like them as a foam stage, others are available.


Then I got into the fun bit, and tried the AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner.




This did a really nice job off loosening up the grime and brake dust (I seem to have more of it with the Ferodo pads) and it goes a cool purple colour when you let it sit and it smells of plums, amazeballz. Pleasant smelling (did I mention plum scented? :) ) and easy to work with, takes about 90 seconds before I get bored of waiting and get stuck in. I must say I Rim Waxed these about 4 months ago when they were off, and it's a massive help when it comes to cleaning (probably due again soon).


Working away.




All done and rinsed.




I found it better than my usual MER to work with, you can see it working, it smells nicer and it took less effort to get them clean.


I then moved onto the AMMO Foam Paint Cleanser. It's a shampoo, what can I say, it cleans muck off. It looks disturbingly like extra thick fairy liquid, but I don't think it is. It definitely shifts dirt, and what I did notice is it really is quite slippery too, the mitt kept giving up foam when I was squeezing and it fairly glided over the paintwork. Rinsed away very nicely under sheet water and left the paint nice and clean with nothing left behind I wouldn't want, no streaks.


I was just about to crack on with the clay and lube and this massive fella rocked up, turned out he was the gentle giant type, not the rip your face off type. He said he used to be a valeter and gave me some free stuff. Let's be clear, most of the people round here look at me sideways when I am out detailing for a few hours, some even say hilarious things like, 'you're always washing that' or 'you'll wash that paint away', 'drive it instead' - it's funnier the fourth of fifth time they say it. Anyway, I've never met this Polish guy before and he handed me these, then walked away, said he lives a few doors down and has seen me out before, thought I could try them!


Naturally I'll find out what they are before slopping them on the car, but I thought it was a nice touch from a random. I'm writing to the Daily Mail tomorrow about these Poles coming over here, given us free detailing products...




No idea about them yet, will have a google after this.


Back on topic. I was also trying a new clay and clay lube today, Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay with Dodo Juice Born Slippy. This is only my third claying and I'd used the Megs kit in the past, which was totally fine. I like the size of the BH clay, you can chop a chunk off and use it without fear of drops, because there's loads left. I was bricking it I'd drop the megs one half way round and not be able to finish. The Dodo Juice Born Slippy is exactly that, nice and slippy. This is what the clay looked like at the end, so it was far from filthy, but I thought it was due having been 6 months.




I'll stick with this combo for the near future, can't think of a reason to change and both good to work with, again, I like something that goes on easy and smells nice too. Here's where we are post clay, nice and naked.




Next up was the AMMO Skin Defense [sic] Coat, which as far as I can tell is a sealant, though happy to be told I am wrong.




It goes on so easily it is untrue, I don't know if the ambient temperature today was just right and the absence of direct sunlight was also a factor, but this went on like a charm with a dense foam applicator pad. I applied, left it 2-4 mins whilst applying to the next panel, before going back to the first with a microfibre to lift the residue off, flip over for a buff.


It came off as easily as it went on. It looked great underneath straight away, really pleased. I don't think I've gotten round the car so quickly before at this stage. I'm really curious as to its endurance, as it seemed just a bit too easy, but here's hoping it lasts. This could be a new favourite,


The whole thing with the AMMO stuff is that you keep building it up in layers, I may do another stage of Skin next weekend if the weather allows and see if that brings any further benefit, and also check how it's been doing keeping the daily grime at bay.


I finished up with the AMMO Spit Shine, which I used exactly as I would a quick detailer. It suggests this is a sort of emergency car wash in a bottle, which you can keep in the car for whenever you want to show off the car, but need to drive there first to show it off. Not sure I'd use it to clean the whole car, even if it was only very slightly grimy, but that's how it positions itself - when used with a @*!# load of clean microfibres, it's a waterless, minor soilage, wash.


As a QED, it went on fine, just like all the others I've used, no major difference. I'll be interested to see what the bead is like in the morning if there are some showers overnight. It'll do well to displace the Angel Wax QED I normally use, but I am tempted to try the Dodo offerings too as everyone seems to like them.


Finished job below (well apart from rainx the glass and quick hoover inside, but you don't need me to tell you about that), very pleased. All in all, about 4 hours work and worth every second. I love trying new stuff and especially having a shiny new car to go out for a drive and get dirty. Usually I would have done a wax and QED as well, but I skipped those as I want to see how these work as a system and particularly, their endurance.






A little decal, because I'm a sticker whore and it looks cool IMHO.





Naturally the first thing I did was go out for a spin, round the Trough of Bowland. Regular readers will know I also just got my first DSLR, with which I am very much in the learner phase, but I couldn't resist some glama shots. Sorry if its a bit gratuitous, just be glad it was getting dark when I got there. :lol:






You can probably tell, I like a reflection or two...







The Final Word. Despite costing a few quid to get it over here from the States I'm not in the least bit disappointed with the products so far. The Plum Wheel Cleaner would be my new first choice. The Foam is excellent, but I couldn't justify the shipping just for a shampoo. In terms of ease of application and immediate impression the Skin Defense, Hydrate and Spit Shine all look solid. If the Skin Defense holds up well in our climate, I will go in for more of that, as it's just so easy to get on with.


If there's anyone out there who wants to try these out, if I go back in for another order I'll post up on here and happily let you jump in with my order. This will cut down shipping, as it's a flat fee, and probably shave something off the tax too. Just so we're clear, I am not affiliated with AMMO, or any other detailing manufacturer for that matter, though I will happily take free products from people walking past with a friendly disposition. Hope I've not gone on too long for you.


I love the videos, watch them if you haven't.



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Never heard of this brand but interesting to hear your thoughts on it - are they relatively new and looking to enter the European market?


Car looks great - have to say the hours outside polishing and waxing is about the only thing I don't miss! :lol:

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Not sure TBH Cragus, the exposure AMMO is getting seems to be largely from Larry's own AMMO detailing videos, Drive Clean on youtube. However, he doesn't really plug them in the show, which is weird for a commercial venture to say the least but, it actually got me more interested. No sign of them coming over here I know of, but I haven't been searching for them much. I wanted to try the products before reading anyone else's reviews and see what I thought of them as they're not common.

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Good write up. I've been a fan of the drive clean vids on youtube for a while. Love that he now has the Porsche. I've been tempted before but i think i'll take the plunge after reading this.


If you do, check out




first, there's usually an ad on there on the homepage with a discount code. I found it about 20 minutes after I made my order! :bang:

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The podcasts are worth a listen too, but they can stray into geek territory, and are understandably USA centric. He must get lots of questions about going into detailing for yourself, so there's businessy stuff in there too. The little rants about keyboard warriors commenting on the youtube videos are funny.

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Just a little update on the endurance of the AMMO products I tried about a month ago now. In between I've done about 500 miles, including a monster trip to Birmingham and back yesterday, where it rained every single mile. I did do a quick petrol station pressure wash about a fortnight ago, but other than that it's not been touched for a month due to the incessant rain :(


Anyway, as you can see the typical streaks around the arches and down the rear bumper are present.






I wasn't especially impressed by the products ability to repel road grime, but having said that, my Zed lives outside all the time, near the coast and the weather has been dog***t recently, with quite a lot of particles whipped up into the rain that's fallen. However, I was considerably more impressed after a snow foam and pressure wash rinse. Totally touchless wash at this point. Especially just behind the front wheels which just gathers up muck for fun.






Unlike the first wash I did with the AMMO goodies I gave the Hydrate a go this time. I'd used it once before and been quite disappointed in all honesty, it made the drying process a bit messy and I couldn't really see the benefit. However, this time I put my Dodo drying towel to one side and did the dry just with decent quality microfibre towels. The AMMO Hydrate was now much more pleasant to work with and instantly added a layer of gloss. I just need to remember to use MFs for drying next time if I use the hydrate. My paint has many swirls so I couldn't possibly tell if the Hydrate delivers on it's goal of protecting paint from defects during the drying process, but it does leave a pleasing finish.




After a three bucket wash she looked tip top and I could easily have just finished off with a Red Mist QED. Instead I added another layer of AMMO Skin Defense (they say to layer it up, so I did), then a layer of ArmourAll Shield (could be the easiest product to use ever! very curious as to it's efficacy having read good reports on here and this being my first use), then a Red Mist QED just to finish (another first use for me).




All in all, although I'd hoped for more dirt repelling properties from the AMMO products, I was really pleased with their protection levels, under the filth, as the grime fairly flew off when I pointed the Karcher at it. I'd definitely re-order the Skin Defense, the Hydrate and the Plum Wheel cleaner, the Spit Shine probably isn't for me. The wheel brushes are simply perfect for the job.

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Great write up :thumbs: I need some of those wheel brushes!!


The long big brush is great for getting inside the wheel, the small angled brush is very good for the calliper and behind spokes. I've recently bought a wheel mitt which is perfect for getting in there really deep and also the lip.


Dodo Juice Captain Crevice Wheel Mitt





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Great thread. I've been watching his videos for a while and they're fantastic. I think I'll order the Skin sealant, has it been holding up well?


I've been pleased so far, but only applied two layers. It doesn't repel mud as such but it does make the results after a hand wash appear a very slick clean.


With the international shipping fees and import duty, you'd have to order quite a lot of product to make it worth while. It's not so much different from the other sealant (poorboys) I've tried to warrant the increased expense and delivery time. I only went for it because I really wanted to find out what the products were like having really enjoyed the drive clean videos.

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I should reiterate I used the armourall shield on top of the skin defense, for the last photo, which contributes to the gloss and is, in itself, a very good and extremely well priced product, which is stupidly easy to work with.




Here's a little pic of the bead from th other morning, real rain, not a misting job. This is the AMMO Skin > Armour All Shield > Dod Red Mist Combo




I like it, nice n tight.

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Little update. I may have been a bit hasty on the AMMO Hydrate Paint.


As it wasn't love at first touch with this, it's been sitting in the "neglect" box of detailing goodies in the shed along with Meg's Gold Class Shampoo and some Demon Shine stuff. However, today I didn't have too much time for a maintenance wash so I thought I'd give it another go as a quick top up to my protection during the drying phase. My big gripe with it on the first couple of uses was that it didn't play well with my Woolly Mammoth drying towel, it did better with my decent quality MF towels, but not well enough for me to use half my decent MFs during the drying phase.


It turns out the issue with the Woolly Mammoth and Hyrdate combo was the paint was a bit too dry when I used it the first couple of times. Today I was playing with my new hose (ooo errr) and there was loads of excess water sat on the paint when I went to dry, this must have been the magical ingredient, as the AMMO Hydrate went on a treat and helped shift the water off and left a really clean and shiny surface behind.


Initial rating - 2 from 5, revised rating - 4 from 5.

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B) Hi all, just a few words. i have used AMMO recently : soap : foams well & feels very "luxy". skin which i found very easy & pleasing. hydrate also easy & pleasing , yes you need to have lots of water on the car, no streaking at all B)wax : it's wax easy & good :yawn:ap cleaner for the engine... c'ant see the point of this operation so probably a no for me. :shrug: but the real good news : like superstu i won't be cleaning the whole car with spit although i have tried & yes i have bought on eb*y a shedload of mf towles.... however ... i do use it to clean localy bugs & stuff, thats a very good application. i think i will order soon the plum for the wheels. thanks to superstu a very complete write up & interesting thread :thumbs::clap: colin Edited by colinf430
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