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350Z Vertical Tonneau Cover / Boot Divider


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Just thought I'd share a message with you that I've had from a member that originally bought one of the 'other' boot dividers made and sold by Impy7 on eBay. for those not aware of the history, I originally sold a few dividers successfully on eBay, but this was soon spotted by impy7 who then started making and selling his own (initially using my pictures and text too! :scare::nono: ) So i stopped selling on eBay and now I just make them for you guys and let the non forum members fight it out with bids for the 'others'. Anyway....


Jordan asked me if I'd make him a divider after he'd received his from Impu7 and it was (I quote) "a heap of junk".


Knowing he was disappointed with the one he received from impy7 I was a bit worried about what he'd think of mine as I didn't think it would be possible that mine would be much different from his original one.


after completing and posting Jordan's divider, it was nice to receive the below message :)


Hi Ian


Just got back from work today and tried the boot divider in my car,


Its like night and day....., yours fitted first attempt, sits flat and stays tight..... And the black is a perfect match for my interior, not like the grey cloth on Gimpy7s, im chuffed with it!


Only problem i have now is what to do with the offending article... I may keep it in my boot so i can clout him round the head with it if i ever meet him lol.


Thanks again mate.



Cheers Jordan :thumbs: I'm really pleased you're happy with it.

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Here's a quick pic of a divider I've made for Matt (longsh07) after he asked if I could make one with a yellow 'Z' to match his yellow GT4.




Initially I didn't think I could as the Z is mounted to the divider before I cover it with the acoustic carpet, but after giving it a bit more thought, I mounted the Z to the divider after I'd covered all the parts. Finding suitable yellow material proved a little tricky though... :bang:


Anyways, here's the finished item. I think it looks good and looks great when in the car :thumbs: I hope you like it Matt.

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Finally back from the Isle of Wight and very happy to see a tonneau shaped package waiting for me.

Within about half an hour of getting home I set about fitting it.





Very very happy! :thumbs:

Perfect colour, tried to get one with the car body in too but its a bit too bright out right now so will try later.

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Stupid question is the Z on both sides or just facing the front ? Now you've done a yellow one what about a nice blue one for an azure 350 ;)

The Z is just on the one side, you wouldn't really see and/or notice it if it was on the reverse due to the divider's position under the strut brace.

As long as I can find a suitable blue, there's a very good possibility of me making a nice blue one for an azure :)

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