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  1. We had a paintball meet a couple of years back when two kids walked past saying look at all the Ferraris 😂😂😂
  2. Did these cause your EML light to come on? Thanks
  3. If you search plastic buckle then you can find the side release connectors, just need a length of strap then and you're good to go!
  4. Just been and checked as i couldnt remember and it does have the connectors for straps but i dont have any with it. I never used straps as its a good fit and i never suffered with wind getting under it. Will be an cheap buy from Ebay i would imagine to get a couple if wanted.
  5. Just noticed the photos are all over the place!! Not sure how that happened :lol: Also as an update this seems to be the top line Stormforce version as it doesnt have the vent flaps that the monsoon is listed as having, but is definitely multi layered and for outdoor use, which makes it even more of a bargain!
  6. Quickly threw the cover over it tonight so you can see. Sadly i cant find the bag so have shown it in the box i was storing it in.
  7. Not currently but can take some at the weekend, car needs a wash first! Website is here if it helps at all www.cover-zone.com
  8. Hi Guys NOW SOLD!! Selling my 350z outdoor car cover as i just dont use it enough to warrant it sitting in the house. It is a 350z specfic Cover-Zone cover, Monsoon waterproof version so perfect for cars which live outside. Cover is in perfect condition with no tears or scuffs so looking for £100 posted. Thanks for looking
  9. Some photos from Saturday as well:
  10. So today was the Jedi's triumphant return! After spending the morning practise runs sorting out small leaks and a loose gear cable bracket it was game face time. 1st timed run and it was straight to the top of not just the class time sheets but the overall times as well. First run stopped the clocks at 55.38 seconds with second in class and overall recording a 55.96. Second times runs and my rival was clearly out for revenge as he pushed and stole the lead with a 55.26 run! There was absolutely no chance I was letting go of my first chance of a Fastest Time of the Day award though and I decided to give it everything! This did result in a few brake lock ups and missed apexs but I was able to keep momentum still and powered over the line in 55.06 seconds to win the class and overall! Fantastic day and thoroughly worth the very testing last few months! Videos of the fastest run is here: And the armful of silverwear is here:
  11. Engine came out today mate and we are just waiting for the new plates/steels from Yamaha before its next run on the 16th! Fingers crossed it's on the ball!
  12. Quick video from the Festival of Speed weekend just gone at Olivers Mount in Scarborough. Finished 2nd in class by 4 tenths to a bigger engined car so quite happy with the result.
  13. So first event done. Story of highs and lows im afraid car itself was superb, incredible to drive and the grip was beyond what I was expecting even having driven bigger single seaters before. Had an issue with the battery which meant I missed my second practise while we charge it as it appears not to be charging from the car but an easy fix before next round. First times run I started to wind it up a bit but was still well inside what the car can do! Video of that run is here: Sadly during that run and in the runs after we noticed the clutch was slipping under full throttle which is why in the video is sounds like I can't get 6th and why is hits the limiter so often on the lap. Hopefully we just have the wrong oil as it has the best clutch set up on it, we have fully synthetic in and apparently this causes slip so we should be using semi synthetic. Times went backwards as it got worse but we were 2nd in class and overall after the first times run so I have no doubts we could have challenged for the win! Anyway enjoy the video.
  14. I was supposed to start this year Andy James who already does it in his SC 350z is helping me sort my race license etc but we had a busy year last year so I didn't get everything sorted in time - maybe next season Good stuff! Hopefully will see you at an event then somewhere. Was he at Rockingham yesterday? I did see a 350z in the paddock but never got chance to go and investigate ha
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