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Car wont start - UPDATE: Now Sorted :)


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Thanks Mark!


The dealer are actually being very good about it. They suspect ECU failure so are getting another 350z in tomorrow to swap the ECU over to see if this cures it. If it does they are going to persue Nissan UK for the cost of the repair (car is 3 weeks out of warranty).


I still feel they have jumped to a conclusion and if I hadn't of suspected NATS failure I would have done the tests myself, I dont believe they have checked all feeds into the ECU with a multimeter against the workshop procedure.


When I asked if they had checked the IPDM they looked puzzled, so to come out and say its 100% the ECU is not good. :bang:


I'll have to wait and see!



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I have been to see the dealer this morning. The inside of my car was in bits, they have stripped everything on the dash.


This gets better....


When I spoke to the engineer he told me they may have found the cause last night - a fuse had gone in the IPDM module! They are going to put my car back together today and try it.


Where do I now stand in refusing to pay for the labour in stripping my car and them telling me its '100% the ECU' etc? When all along it was a fuse!


I've looked in the service manual and one of the first thing it tells the technician is to check the components in the IPDM before anything else.


How would you guys proceed?

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By being very polite. Honestly, they're completely in the wrong to charge you much more than a couple of hours labour for this, so if they give you a bill for £200+ then I'd simply say that you don't feel you should, and what would they do if they were in your shoes? Truth is they sound like a decent place anyway if they were going to start chasing Nissan for you as you're only just out of warranty, so just be polite to them and I'm sure they'll do the right thing.

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Car is now back and all working again.


Diagnosis found that a connector to the IDPM box had worked loose and needed to be reconnected!


Total cost was £154 which I do feel reasonable considering they have had the car 4 days.


Even though for some parts I had to babysit them well done to Chorley Nissan for sorting this out.

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I know this is a REALLY old thread, but just wanted to say cheers to Andy for posting about it. I just had the exact problem so ended up stripping out my ipdm and there was corresion on the connectors. Cleaned them all up, plugged back in and she's back working :D

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