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  1. I had an S2 Exige S for 18 months and they are fine to use every day. Mine never leaked or ever let me down once. There is nothing else like it. My weekend car is now a Honda Supercharged Exige S1. Everyone has to drive a Lotus once, there is NOTHING like them for the money. My Exige is like a mini Mclaren F1! The S2 Elise is also very good, and does not leak etc unlike the earlier S1's.
  2. Good lad, same belts are on mine and they have been fine
  3. Cheers for the reply Ersen. Its not a fair statement to say no cat D car makes more than 10k. I hoped I priced it correctly, its a late 2006 model with FSH and low mileage. Without the damage I would be wanting close to £15k for the car, so i've reduced it by 20% initially because of this. I've had a lot of interest on the forum & pistonheads but still to get a proper viewing. Its close to my bottom price now, and if it dosn't go I will keep it and part finance our wedding Its also at a new reduced price too
  4. Just updating this for the future reference. The dealer had not connected the steering wheel position sensor correctly! This was causing the steering to vibrate on its own. All sorted now.
  5. I've got a lovely Nissan Micra! To be fair they have been very good, I'm just looking for some ideas to help them out in the morning. The main engineer was baffled by it!
  6. lol There is nothing else I can do, I have to leave it with them as they have caused it. Taking it out of the garage will only end up costing me more money.
  7. Engine is idling properly. They told me the pump is working fine. Not sure what it can be at all!
  8. I've recently had a non start issue on the 350 shown in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=10&t= To cut a long story short it was a problem with the IDPM unit, but before the dealer diagnosed this they stripped the dash completely and removed the BCM & ECU. The car now starts but has gone straight back into the dealer as the steering is now vibrating on its own - almost like it cant find its center and is hunting. The dealer put the car up on the ramp and with the wheels free from the floor the steering rack will start vibrating with the wheels & steering wheel bouncing back and forth. There is no play between the wheels/rack or steering wheel He checked the PS pump & lines and no leaks were there, pressure is ok, and the pump is working fine, no noises etc. They touched nothing under the bonnet while doing the repair and i've never had a single vibration while driving the car in the past. The fault has got to be electrical caused by something they have done while removing the dash. Is there anything electrical which will cause the steering to act up - almost as if it dosn't know where to center? Appreciate your time reading this. Thanks Andy
  9. Car is now back and all working again. Diagnosis found that a connector to the IDPM box had worked loose and needed to be reconnected! Total cost was £154 which I do feel reasonable considering they have had the car 4 days. Even though for some parts I had to babysit them well done to Chorley Nissan for sorting this out.
  10. Yeah, thats what I think and i've been very good with them so far. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes when I have to ring or call in to let that know what I think is wrong. I'll see how they get on.
  11. I have been to see the dealer this morning. The inside of my car was in bits, they have stripped everything on the dash. This gets better.... When I spoke to the engineer he told me they may have found the cause last night - a fuse had gone in the IPDM module! They are going to put my car back together today and try it. Where do I now stand in refusing to pay for the labour in stripping my car and them telling me its '100% the ECU' etc? When all along it was a fuse! I've looked in the service manual and one of the first thing it tells the technician is to check the components in the IPDM before anything else. How would you guys proceed?
  12. Thanks Mark! The dealer are actually being very good about it. They suspect ECU failure so are getting another 350z in tomorrow to swap the ECU over to see if this cures it. If it does they are going to persue Nissan UK for the cost of the repair (car is 3 weeks out of warranty). I still feel they have jumped to a conclusion and if I hadn't of suspected NATS failure I would have done the tests myself, I dont believe they have checked all feeds into the ECU with a multimeter against the workshop procedure. When I asked if they had checked the IPDM they looked puzzled, so to come out and say its 100% the ECU is not good. I'll have to wait and see! I
  13. The belts can be got from any decent motor factor, Gates make their own for the 350z. I paided £22 for both when I replaced mine. Saves waiting for Nissan. And before someone comes along and says use only Nissan parts - Nissan dont have their own belt factory; they get their supply and rebrand from people like Gates.
  14. So car went into the dealer yesterday. They couldn't connect their computer to it, and today have said it needs a new ECU for £1700! In no way do I think they have had time to check the wiring diagram into the ECU, and are pulling this diagnosis out of their arse because its easy. Where do I go from here? Is there anything (hidden fuse) etc they could have missed which could be causing this? I remember once on an old Ford that it the interior light fuse went it would also disable the ECU! Can it be something similar on the 350z? Thanks Andy
  15. I need to perform the following procedure on my car to reprogram my key: http://www.myzroadster.com/Files/tsbs/0 ... 2-071a.pdf If anyone local has a Consult II I would appreciate if you could help me out (I will pay you obviously). My dealer now wants £100 just to have a look and I already know this is the cause of my problems. Thanks Andy (PS I have the NATS code)
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