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  1. Mk1 Golf Bought it as an unfinished project of a bodywork shop who had done a bareshell respray on it in Mercedes Green. Stripped and rebuilt the engine and gearbox and was almost finished when it got broken into and trashed while I was away for a few days. Lost heart in it and flogged it on ebay, my biggest regret to this day. I totally agree, the only car I actually want back is my MK1 Golf.
  2. Would take me an age to post up pics of all of these, but here is my chronological list: MK2 Fiesta. MK4 Escort. Renault Clio. MK1 Golf GTI Cabriolet. MK2 Golf GTI 16V. Vauxall Vectra V6. Rover Mini Metro. MK4 Golf GTI T. Lancer Evolution FQ300. Vauxhall Frontera LWB. Sierra XR 4X4. Shogun 3.0 V6 LWB. 350Z. And bikes: Honda NSF125. Honda NSR125. Yamaha R600. Suzuki GSXR 600. Honda Blackbird XX 1100. KTM EXC400 Enduro. And a Transit Van, and a Vauxhall Combo.
  3. Simple. Pull the hoses off the injectors and see if water comes through when you hear the motor turn.
  4. Yea I agree it looks aggressive, just not my thing



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