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  1. I ve been in and out of the gyms all of my life. At 23 I was 8th in Greece in grecoroman wrestling under 85kg and now I am black belt at judo and silver at the British masters nationals under 100kg 30-34 age group. Countless hours in the gyms too. I am a great fun of creatine. At 10-15gr a day. Pure powder no sugars. Optimum whey gold was very good No xplode is very good but I can't sleep if I take it after 7in the evening. A good weights program and good diet with 2.5 times your kg weight in Gramms protein (ie 100kg x 2.5= 250 so 250gr for a 100kg man) most from egg whites fish and meat. 5 times a day complex carbohydrates to keep your insuline stable and above average. Etc etc And you ll never be as big as others that eat McDonald's and kebabs all day and inject 2ml of sust a week. Sorry guys it annoys me too. So I ve stopped bothering and started eating loads of curries loool
  2. Now this sounds very interesting... Perhaps the title of a dedicated thread? I always had 2 male models Hugh Heffner and Captain Nemo
  3. Greekman

    Derestricted - Potentially, How Fast is a 350z?

    I can't see the point in preaching the dude! What he did he did....what's going to change? The thread title was how fast is a 350z not give me grief for being a naughty boy. If that is the case make a thread as such and post all your comments there. Don't mean to sound rude guys but it's getting a bit annoying here...there is police, there are laws, there are penalties. But none of us saw him doing it and none of us is his mum. If you see something pull him over and tell him/her/me/anybody off! Words and sh@t on a forum i am finding a bit off topic. Now has anybody seen or tried more than 173? Or have they anything interesting to say?
  4. Greekman

    Derestricted - Potentially, How Fast is a 350z?

    Yes a UK model can be derestricted with uprev. My standard 313 convertible would go all the way to 160 on the digital speedo and a bit over 160 on the analog. And it would stay there no matter what. I did it a few times and for a few miles each time. After fiddling with it (meaning all the mods carried out which include uprev, a full body kit and a rear spoiler) and with 320 on the fly (not the usual 340 it runs), i decided not to push any further at 173mph. The digital was insisting it was doing 160 but I felt like it was accelerating still and when I looked at the analogue I saw it well over 170! It was me and the gf in at the time and I suspect that also the rear spoiler doesn't help for top speed and we did it in Greece on the motorway between Athens and my hometown Chalkida. I am not convinced that the zed is built for top speed tho. It can easily do 160 and keep it safe and planted round motorway bends as well but it feels like it take ages to get there. I remember my 4200gt convertible with 400bhp and almost 2tonnes fat would scream all the way to 175+ without slowing down one bit but It would scare the living hell out of you if there was a tiny wind blow on the motorway
  5. Greekman

    Tyres & Why They're Important

    Well...maybe to a point....but then again....hmmmmm Decent write up as a vague general rule. I wouldn't take the brand names into consideration at all. On top of that a few quid difference doesnt mean better tyre...it could be different company sales policy. In addition, a tyre that is crap here ie 040 would be superb in Dubai lets say, for weather and temperature reasons alone.... Then it's the driver. My gf is happy with her 452s on her TT but I think the grip is horrible and the previously worn contis were better. But she only drives around town and always 20 mph slower than the cars grip level. If you are asking me they are fab for her and she can spend the change in face plaster and paint! I just try and avoid driving it as for my driving style they are dangerous....if I dont want to write another car off I need to stick to my PSS. Ps don't mention braking btw....discs and pads are cheapo stuff too....they can't lock the wheels on ice let alone tarmac!
  6. Greekman

    Tyre guide: post your tyre review here

    They are somewhere well north of 1300 quid for Zed..... Interested to know how much for your 911
  7. Greekman

    Tyre guide: post your tyre review here

    +1 Absolutely right Colin. That's why I own a 3l A4 quattro too
  8. Greekman

    Tyre guide: post your tyre review here

    Just a quick update guys. Been running the pilot supersports for quite a while now a over 4k miles. If you want the best look no further. A class above anything else and very hard wearing. Almost as hard wearing as the 040 stones. I know they are twice the price of an average brand like toyos but as I said..... For the best look no further. Ps very strong on pot holes too although the side walls are very soft and probably better to be run at 36-37 psi for more accurate steering. Sizes 245/35/19 f. 275/35/19 r.
  9. Greekman

    Andlid Progress Thread,

    and upside down......the more you turn meeeeeee i love this thread! great job!!
  10. Greekman

    Little known facts about the 350Z

    hahahaha only you!! Theres something freaky about how fast your car is haha I chickened out at 162 on the Autobhan in Germany - never been that fast before and didn't like the lightness of the steering and the bumps which put me right off. I'll have another go on a smoother road for sure. Man over 100mph mine sticks to the road. You can actually feel the nose diving! The car behaves better at 120+ than at 90 ish for some reason. Steering feels more responsive too. Could be the front/rear lowering ratio? But the digi speedo will not go over 160 no matter what. The needle was about 174 and the girlfriend felt so safe at that speed she was commenting on the way the cats eyes look when you are going fast at night. Road was a massive motorway in Greece a month or so back and slightly downhill...only a smidge. Other little secret...under the passenger seat and towards the door the is a little space where the cars manual etc folder fits perfectly without moving about no matter what
  11. Greekman

    Little known facts about the 350Z

    Lowest speed you can engage trip computer is 23mph. Highest 160 on the digi speedo. Digi speedo will only go up to 160... But the needle will will go well past 170 (at that point I had my feet on the pedals...chickened out...sorry)
  12. Greekman

    Locked without the alarm on?

    I can confirm I ve pi**ed the girlfriend off a few times locking her in the car Neil I don't think it's got motion sensors or anything. I can jack the car up both ends and it still won't go off.... Wish the gf was the same
  13. Greekman

    Tyre guide: post your tyre review here

    Which Stones are you comparing to? Only one type of stones 050As. I ve gone through several sets of 050As, ps2s on 18 and 19 inch rims, 40 and 45 prof on the 18s...so far about 10 in total...oh and 2 sets of 888s 40prof on 18 rims.
  14. Greekman

    Tyre guide: post your tyre review here

    Michelin pilot supersport. Had them fitted yesterday and so far driven on dry warm tarmac. I can defo say Michelin have the upper hand again against bridgestones. By quite a margin as well. They feel and seem softer on the road. Steering typical Michelin. Dry handling just short of the 888s. Dry braking better than the ps2s. Noise level about the same as the stones. More to come... Ps... Haven't paid yet...but they are very very expensive
  15. Greekman

    Tyre guide: post your tyre review here

    i understand dude, i can be annoying sometimes reading reviews on the internet. they are more like opinions and opinions are like ars..oles...everybody has got one dont forget that the difference between the ps2 and ps3 may not be noticeable on every day driving...in fact the ps3s may be better for everyday driving. let us know what you think about them comparing to what you had before. on another note my 050As scuderia are not ageing well. currently about 5mm at the rear and 7mm at the front. rear set has been changed once which means fronts are twice as old as the rears since they went on the car. The car is understeering quite a bit from slightly over that was before. tyre pressures are spot on and set up hasnt been changed. didnt have the same issue when front and rears wore down the same. i can only assume that its ageing ? from September till January i had the rays on with the 888s and grip/balance was immense in the dry cold/freezing, good in the damp, average in the wet, scary in the freezing wet and ditch finding in the grit/ice