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  1. I ve been in and out of the gyms all of my life. At 23 I was 8th in Greece in grecoroman wrestling under 85kg and now I am black belt at judo and silver at the British masters nationals under 100kg 30-34 age group. Countless hours in the gyms too. I am a great fun of creatine. At 10-15gr a day. Pure powder no sugars. Optimum whey gold was very good No xplode is very good but I can't sleep if I take it after 7in the evening. A good weights program and good diet with 2.5 times your kg weight in Gramms protein (ie 100kg x 2.5= 250 so 250gr for a 100kg man) most from egg whites fish and
  2. Greekman


    Get a good exhaust and HFCs for the sound. As for the filters my 313 makes 320bhp with cosworth filters and 341bhp with nismo dual intakes. Plus it sounds the dogs Mine is a 08 HR with nismo intakes, with xyz ypipe, HFCs (something racing from the states) and nismo cat back. Upreved of course.
  3. I had a 2002 A4 3.0 quattro for a year. Changed it for a 2005 V50 2.4 as my dog grew massive. Both auto. The Audi was light years ahead from the Volvo in any way. Although 10 years old it looked and felt inside like new. Not a scratch, a tear on the leather or squeak! I can't wait to get rid of the Volvo for another Volvo. I was thinking of the 3.0 diesel A6 avant. The 1.9 seems rather underpowered esp the auto one. Ps the tiptronic was very good. Couldn't fault it at all but newer autos are miles ahead nowadays. Only fault in a year was the coil pack. Common fault on the 3.0l petrol. One
  4. That's the ultimate target for me. Mine is 34 so she's got a few more years to get to your wife's level. For the time being I am shadowing her on most things But I am glad she is no where near as good as me academically, knowledge or common sense/street wise. She would have left me aaaaaaages now if it was the other way round
  5. You are such a bad boy! You are a criminal. You should be done for life! No shot dead...stoned even better. And that's sarcasm for all the law abiding primadonas that are here to judge in the first instance! The thread says worth defending not mum I did it and I am sorry. It's a shame mate but I don't think you can defend it. They don't have to do all of you. You was speeding full stop. If the traffic was doing 120 you wouldn't follow them Vans can do 30 and take 2 times longer to stop than you. Old people with walking sticks are allowed to drive, autistic people that you would struggle
  6. Now this sounds very interesting... Perhaps the title of a dedicated thread? I always had 2 male models Hugh Heffner and Captain Nemo
  7. My zed used to be my only commuter for 3 years including the 2 bad winters. Had 2 scares once during a snowstorm (more like perfect storm) on the m62 and once driving to Scotland on the A1 which was more like lake Windermere due to very heavy rain. Other than that I drive sensibly whenever the car beeps that temperature is below 3 oC. I live in hull mind you. If it was the penines then it might have been a different story. I think our biggest concern is aquaplaning not snow/ice traction. The MPS2s are the best on standing water and damp full stop. The 050As are on par in the wet only and dry
  8. My HR zed goes up by 20bhp with a simple swap from hks panels to nismo air intakes. We were all astounded at the dyno!!!!!
  9. My HR zed goes up by 20bhp with a simple swap from hks panels to nismo air intakes. We were all astounded at the dyno!!!!!
  10. Arnold's autos in hull have been servicing mine since forever. They are probably zed specialists now after all the work they ve done on my car lol They are good and reasonable and if you tell them I sent you you ll get preferential treatment
  11. Mine are always nitrogen filled and on the 2nd pair of MSS front/3rd rear and 19inch rims. I find the sidewalls to be the softest ever. 36-37f 35-36 rear summer/winter. Due to the LSD at the back 1-2 psi less than the fronts is inevitable for me...too much friction.
  12. Your arches will look a bit more empty with a 235/40 as it is less than 225/45. And same for rears. That means it will need more lowering to get the arches look full and as result less road clearance. As for the tyres I ve got too and they are fab. Winter or summer.
  13. Why would you do that to your car? What's the point on putting so much rubber on the road? Get the right rims in the first place. I can understand a more common 235 at the front and 255 at the rear but still if you want wider tyres get 19inch and sizes that have been proven to work well on the zed. Your TCS will go ape sh@t if you are not careful... You have been warned Tell us what you want to achieve for us to tell you sizes and offsets and look for such rims.
  14. You need to have the brake fluid reservoir open when changing pads and keep checking it as the fluid level will increase and even overspill!! If you haven't done that and still managed to replace front/rear discs pads then you may have damaged the inner seal of the caliper piston pushing the piston back. The outer seal is dust seal and it would be cracked already unless your calipers are spanking new. Make sure fluid level is at max and lid on. Bleeding nipples all tight. Get somebody to push the brake and check the calipers for leakage. If all ok bleed your brakes....think it's nr/nf/or/o
  15. I can't see the point in preaching the dude! What he did he did....what's going to change? The thread title was how fast is a 350z not give me grief for being a naughty boy. If that is the case make a thread as such and post all your comments there. Don't mean to sound rude guys but it's getting a bit annoying here...there is police, there are laws, there are penalties. But none of us saw him doing it and none of us is his mum. If you see something pull him over and tell him/her/me/anybody off! Words and sh@t on a forum i am finding a bit off topic. Now has anybody seen or tried more t
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