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Its quite widely known that changing away from the stock airbox looses you power. But the loss is usually so minimal on the road (given the airflow) it doesnt really matter as the sound is awesome ;)


Will be interested to see your results :thumbs:

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Um, I'm back after 2 weeks on hols and no progress? :wacko:

Please ignore if there is another thread I haven't found yet, I'm not quite back with UK life yet :yawn:

Nope, no update Chris. They have been able to dump a couple of ECUs but no map that I've heard of yet. The sticking point for me is the potential trip up just to find they can only dump it. No mention of how we can tell if we are mappable out the box or not yet (based on VIN or anything). This is the main thing stopping me, I cant afford to do a trip just to find out my ECU dump needs to be sent off :surrender:

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Sorry for the lack of updates. The roms we dumped have now been added to the support matrix so we can tune them.


We had a car in yesterday and made some progerss (10hp or so for now)


It's coming back in shortly but we are so booked up at the moment it's hard to fit things at short notice. I want to work on the midrange advance as i've got the fueling pretty much where i want to now. The gains we have so far have been from the cam phase and fuel so there is potential for more :)


If we can't tune them with UpRev for whatever reason and you traveled miles we do have another option still but this requires some soldering to give us access direct to the processor.


Once we get a car fully tuned i will post the details and i'm sure the customer will give feedback (was very happy with the difference made already :))

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Hurray! I can still hope!

I don't think I'd notice 10 bhp or even 20bhp, but give me that midrange torque ! :teeth:

Yup, we already know you will only get at best about 20BHP in terms of max power, the gains seem to be mostly in mid range torque :thumbs:

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