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  1. You're spot on mate. Provisionallu sold to Magic's mate Tom! I hope he looks after her!
  2. Bump, still available - now with new PIAA Wiper blades.
  3. SOLD Firstly, thanks to everyone on the forum, you have been truly amazing over the past 3 years, it is truly appreciated. The details: New Price: £10,000 Nissan 350Z 3.5 V6 GT UK CAR 2004 (54 Reg) 3 Doors, Manual, Coupe, Petrol, 64,000 miles, Gun Metal Grey, Full GT Pack includ. Cruise Control, steering wheel controls, Full Leather Seats, Bose Premium Audio Pack with Sub-woofer, Air conditioning, NISMO LM-GT4 19" alloy wheels in custom gun metal finish, CF bonnet with louvres painted to match, smoked LED tail lights, JWT Pop-charger, Japspeed K1 Exhaust, heated seats, Blueto
  4. Thanks Tim, ended up doing it myself as I was on a bit of a strict timescale. Just sold my S2000, sad to see it go but needed something with more seats. I'm thinking an A4 cabriolet, anyone else got one? Are they alright to live with?
  5. Busted... It's actually a Rambo T-shirt though! As i said previously, it was nice to meet you all, after I had walked the length of the Gorge i couldnt seem to find any of you, so decided it was time for lunch. Hope to catch up in the near future though. Also, nice pics guys!
  6. Yeah, that is the K1 Attack, your's for £90k! Here's a few more pics, apologies for similar ones as before: If anyone wants a Hi-Res version of a pic of their car, just PM me. Nice to meet the 350Z-UK members that attended.
  7. Does anyone know of a good mobile car detailer in the South West (Cheddar/Bristol area)?
  8. Any ideas when you might start selling these mate?
  9. I've never been to one of these events before, but am pretty keen on my Jap cars so was thinking of coming along. Do we have our own stand? Do all our cars get parked together in one sexy mass of 350z-ness?
  10. They were put on yesterday dude & made a massive difference Looking forward to seeing the new pics.
  11. I've seen a nismo kitted one there a few times
  12. You definately need the white decals on them, do it, do it now!
  13. Actually, that does look awesome.
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