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  1. Drive it , i have a couple of customers who come from NI and get the ferry, usually do it in the day too!
  2. Glad you are happy with it mate
  3. It was a pleasure to meet you. I'm glad you are happy with the mapping, as people said the stock run was pretty low but this can be a number of thigs, your fuelling was a mile out so gives me a bit of an easier time finding power haha. It sounds like you had a fun trip on the way back
  4. Just wondering because the graph said: Forged Tune 5-4-09 005 small.jpg [ 303.81 KiB | Viewed 617 times ]
  5. 27. str8dum1 - 458rwhp 405rwtq Vortech 93 Octane 15psi DD If it's that one relating to the graph on the first page then it's fully understandable as it's a forged bottom end with over a bar boost You will be running round 0.4 bar on the stock internals which will do round and about 400hp.
  6. Just give us a call whenever you are ready to book in Just remember the extra 2.5% government discount before jan haha
  7. From the cars we have done we are seeing about 11hp and 22lbft increase under WOT. They drive much better on the road at all load sites. Paul
  8. Book anytime between now and 31.1.10 and receive 15% off the usual £395+VAT. This is for custom mapping and any power runs booked.
  9. Apologies for this guys. I've not had chance to get on the web too much recently as i usually do things after work at home but we are in the middle of a house move so that's taken all my time. No excuse but one thing that has been attended is emails.
  10. Hi Guys As UpRev have lowered the price of the license we have now dropped the mapping to £395+VAT. This includes all the required dyno time for a full custom tune. You will receive a before and after printout including whp/afr and estimated fly power/torque. From the 6 N/A ones tuned so far we have seen 11hp and 22lbft average with varied actual output based on mods fitted to the vehicle already. Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.
  11. If the cars were all run the same then you should be able to compare really yes. The only issue with the older DD is the weather station is not automatic and the user needs to input the info all day to keep things accurate. Like i said above, a stock 276 car will make 276hp give or take. The main point is that to compare dyno to dyno is not really possible and thats the reason we offer the before and after to show the actual gains. If Abbey map a car the numbers from their hub dyno will be different again...
  12. This, a million times this. Guys, you cannot compare data between dynos done in different places on different days by different operators as there's too many variables. It's irrelevant if the RST dyno over reads or not, as it will still give you the true bump in power between the first run done before the map and the run done after. While this is true Dan, it is confusing to me (and probably Dave too) why the run at SRR is back down to near stock figures, after it had the initial stock run and remap run at RSTuning. I'm not saying that RSTuning are no good, but maybe more explaining for us newbies would help for clarification sake. Assuming that SRR and Weston did not allow the car to climb the rollers the difference between the two will be the HP gains, you can't compare the torque unless the ignition tacho was used as this directly affects the displayed torque reading. If he wants to run again i will but as said comparing dyno to dyno is not reliable unless everything is done exactly the same.
  13. As each operator is different we probably all strap the cars slightly different, personally i use 2 main straps and 2 limit straps, the limit straps control how much the car can move forward onto the front roller. IF the limit straps are pulled too tight and the car can't climb the numbers are lower. I do it this way as i find it VERY consistent and easy to control. Maybe i'm wrong but maybe SRR are wrong. There is only one way to test and i'm sure this wont happen. For an accurate FLY resut you must take the engine out and run on an engine dyno. I use our dyno as a tuning tool, not as a tool to advertise the numbers and for most the figures are lower than any other RR in the UK.
  14. There is nothing unreliable about any gains we made with the mapping at all on any of the cars. People are too hung up on the actual numbers from Dyno to Dyno when this is near impossible to compare due to different operators. I took the decision to run the Z like I do. On a factory stock 276 hp one it will be about on The money. If people would rather I tighten the limit straps so the car can't move in the rollers then I can and this could change the numbers by 20 hp or so on a 300hp 2wd vehicle. The idea of a before and after is to show actual gains. This allows you to see how much and where.
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