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  1. Matt has the elusive electric cubby
  2. +1 On our roads it is totally pointless! Even 650 is pointless.....only usefull if he does lots of straight line racing..... Good luck though
  3. Something Looks good! Another excellent service from CS!
  4. This was way back in the middle of last year mark before he had it mapped
  5. Definitely not whp! Bennett (GT4 zed ) had his gt4 dyno'd and got around 283 at the fly ......OP would of had to spent some serious money to get 304 whp!!! Your talking cams, fd, headers etc......
  6. just give us the list?? Well.. ford fiesta ford fiesta renault clio audi a3 passat v6 2.8 Golf estate bmw 3 series Citroen c2 Citroen saxo - my primary car
  7. I wish i had taken pics of my 9 previous cars but i was never interested in cars until i brought my zed...and now i have hundreds!!
  8. Well who would of thought it aye......after all this spam you acutally post something worth while Just kidding mate....Good work
  9. 2005 UK 350z My mods K1 exhaust Kinetix V Plenum AEM CIA
  10. Words cannot describe how bad ass your car is



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