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  1. Yeah were staying at Samui First House Hotel right on chaweng beach Sounds right up my street! Going to find it hard not to get pi**ed every night! Counting down the days now! flying out on the 30th! both excited and nervous!
  2. Comes in good condition with instruction manuals but without box. Comes with a 32gb ipod touch gen 2 which granted isnt in the greatest condition but it sits nicely in the dock tray and is hidden and everything is controlled via the head unit. £120 shipped For more info check here http://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/sony-dsxs100-cdless-digital-media-receiver-mp3wma-ipod-iphone-p-15818.html
  3. Yeah only in bangkok for 3 nights. Then i have booked 4 nights in phuket then 4 nights in Koh Samui and then 5 nights in Koh Phangan......after that its all about winging it and see where our noses take us
  4. Im screwed then Just booked 5 nights here http://www.phangancottage.com prices go up crazy amounts over fmp dates...
  5. Ohhhh yes!! Done a pre full moon party and a full moon. My girlfriend and I went December 2009. We stayed well away from Haad rin as its pretty dodgy (thief's operate in this area) and accommodation isn't good! You can stay pretty much anywhere on the island and get back and forth. Taxi's are everywhere! I will give you a very good bit of advice for when you are partying. When you go to buy your drinks (Buckets) from one of the 10,000 drink huts, get them to give you the bottles and poor it yourself! I caught them swapping a bottle of Bacardi for something else and they are all doing it!! please trust me on this! It spoilt the night when i caught them doing it because I couldnt trust anyone making drinks! Its one hell of an experience though!! You will love it! Stay away from the flaming skipping rope too!! Seen some nasty wounds pottering about! Thanks for the tips...but i think a flaming rope will be too enticing when im trollyed : Would you suggest staying towards the upper end of the island?
  6. Ah ok that sounds like a plan...Im flying into bangkok and got 3 nights booked..after that its all about winging it as long as i don't get captured or hook up with a lady boy all should be fine...i hope!!
  7. but i a was planning on staying on there for 5 ngihts.....but most places look pretty dire...i suppose staying in koh samui is a better option?
  8. So i'm leaving the 30th of this month and going on a world tour ending in Aus for a year or so. First stop is Thailand and there's a FMP on the 14th of August anyone experienced one before? having a nightmare looking at places to stay seems most options are what look like sheds with a fan!
  9. Im afraid not pm sent to speedy
  10. If i was in your position knowing what I do now....I'd be saving my monies and be having a serious talk with myself in the mirror and possibly throw in a few slaps for good measure.
  11. I just had standard plenum with a k1 exhaust when tuned...it was the 2.87 pulley that gave me all the power...the free flowing it is the less boost is achieved...so what i believe anyway. My car just wanted to keep making power
  12. So why did mine keep going then i have dynos hitting 500 fwhp!
  13. Maxed out your maf sensor...i was running 460 fwhp using the standard maf sensor..and mark said these numbers wouldnt max out the maf sensor ...I dont think your far off with your guess





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