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  1. I thought initially it was driving style or indeed something on the road but it has done this several times now granted a few times when wet but today the road was bone dry, the tyres were already warmed after having driven about 12 miles and my approach to the bend was fine, braking on the straight, balance power through the corner when mid corner traction control cuts in applying brakes on at least three occasions Traction/stability programme light flashes etc etc does not stay on and car resumes as normal after. It always happens on a right hand bend never left no matter how hard i try
  2. due to a little argument with a gate ( and a misjudgement on my behalf) I need the little plastic cover that covers the xenon washer jet on the passanger side Anyone
  3. recently i have been experiencing a problem with the traction control. Under normal driving there is no problem however when the car is pushed on and when turning the steering wheel to the right at circa 60-65mph the traction control system takes over and starts automaticaly braking the car . Sometimes this happens when light braking is used sometimes when no pedals are touched Today this happened on a dry road, my tyres are re050 and are the standard manufacturer sizes and all are evenly worn and about 5mm rear and 4mm front. Initially I thought it was a soft tyre but all tyre pressures
  4. Doing about 250-300 miles a week Since the remap by RS I average circa 30mpg normal driving, 34 motorway and 14 if I drive mental Tyres last roughly 14-16k on the rear and 25k front but again dependant on driving style and tyre compound Servicing is not any more than a normal car ( most new cars are all fully synthetic etc) and whilst we have plugs to change at 50k-60k we dont have any timing belt so thats a plus Pre 04 car tax is circa £240 which again is pretty normal for any car other than the super eco friendly types Insurance will be a bit more than the norm but whe
  5. 04 and would use about 1ltr between 5k and 9k miles and only after 5k miles . I assume this is the oil starting to break down and I usually change every 7k anyway. I did notice that it depends on the oil type, the genuine nissan 5-30 spec fs will drop on the dipstick yet the mobil 1 wont show any usage. Driving style also affects usage . Again if I am on long motorway drives for 5-6hours then oil use will be more than shorter spirited drives
  6. Hi I have used this guy before for cleaning and protection products. He can match any colour of dye. If it is any use I have the orange seats and I could call around and let him match exactly if there was enough demand for touch up bottles
  7. Thanks for that the only issue is that I am travelling down here at the minute with work staying in a hotel Is alex not up north?? Obviously postage is not possible to a hotel address but thanks for your suggestion
  8. Hi Normally I dont fit second hand tyres however I noticed today the inner wall of my front tyres in pretty low --I need the tracking done again however as you are all aware the fronts outlast the rears on a 3 to 1 ratio and I Have about 4-5mm left on rears and dont want to mix brands by putting new tyres on the front. I want to change when the rears are done to fk452's all round I could do with a couple of stock re050's asap with about 4mm tread left. Im in the midlands at the minute so if anyone can help i can call over to collect and pay locally to get them fitted. I know th
  9. Kit Front & Rear Suspension Bush Kit KIT5261K 1 Contains; 1xSPF3298K, 1xSPF3296K, 1xSPF3299K, 1xSPF2715-50K, 1xSPF2847K, 1xSPF2359-32K, 1xSPF3316K, 1xSPF3318K, 1xSPF3320K, 1xSPF3322K, 1xSPF3313K, 1xSPF2366-20K, 1xSPF3314K, 1xSPF3315K £821.16 Kit Front & Rear Suspension Bush Kit - With Alignment Correction KIT5261ADJK 1 Contains; 1xSPF3298K, 1xSPF3296K, 1xSPF3299K, 1xSPF2715-50K, 1xSPF2847K, 1xSPF2359-32K, 1xSPF3316K, 1xSPF3318K, 1xSPF3320K, 1xSPF3322K, 1xSPF3313K, 1xSPF2366-20K, 1xSPF3314K, 1xSPF3315K £938.74 Kit Front & Rear Running Gear Bush Kit KIT5261K-RG 1 Contains; 1xS
  10. These guys do a full range of bushes for the Z http://www.superpro.eu.com/Index.asp I was impressed with the costs
  11. Have you checked the tyre?? It could simply be a screw,nail or bolt that you have picked up and as you drive the matal head is hitting the tarmac
  12. If you get really stuck and dont get sorted by the weekend I could take a drive down Pull one out of mine and take sizes and pitch etc.
  13. Andy what exactly are you looking for --to get the bolts or to see a sample to match?? Does Hursts not have them or can get them next day??
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