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  1. It’s this one, I’ve been told by a couple of people as it’s rare that it should be around £750-£850 area
  2. All the same catback I believe
  3. Hi, sorry if this is In the wrong section, the exhausts are for sale but once I figure out a price I’ll relist in the trading section I’ve got a nismo Weldina exhaust and a HKS fully dual exhaust could anyone help me to price them please? thanks
  4. Just posted a weldina nismo exhaust for sale
  5. But it is a bit of a pain in the ass to fit. Especially to seal. Can't say about this one as I've not actually seen it, but with a bit of time and patience mine worked alright. Suppose the only issue is it was my car I tested it on, if it broke it was my engine knackered and no one elses
  6. This is something I had made a few years ago but moved abroad, I sold my moulds and left any few bits I had behind, they must of made one after I'd gone. it's not the only one in the world, well it could be now I suppose. I had a working one of these on my car which ov53 now owns, could still be on. It does fit, the only issue is the sealent of it, you need a good thickish sealant tape to fit it. Mine didn't leak air. Many older members saw it when we had the 370z open day at Howden Nissan. The underside was designed to be rough as it was meant to help the air bounce around more. The company w
  7. hi guys, just received some LED rear lights that i sold to nik, they were slightly damaged in the post so after a claim i received them back, the damage is only small but, its still damage hence the low price. the only damage i can see is a little bit of the bottom drivers side corner is snapped off, which is shown in the picture im asking £120 + delivery ono Pic of the lights and damage,
  8. ive got a very low priced nismo for sale, but it doesnt meet so many of your requirements im afraid, but it is a bargain, and potentially you could do the upgrades with the money you save its on here just waiting to be authorised, or ebay : 200531150895
  9. now on ebay starting at £7000, grab yourself a bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! item number: 200531150895
  10. With the money you save buying mine for maybe 7600 you could get the leather, I couldn't do anything about the mileage, although it is Nissan full serviced so the engine has been looked after
  11. Mine is available For the right offer there's a bargain to be had viewtopic.php?f=56&t=41588
  12. SOLD to bhavin85 Any enquires about parts now should be made through him, i believe he is already a trader
  13. ah ok mate, the only mods ive done is the exhaust, springs and alloys, which i can swap for the orginal rays, i wouldnt swap the exhaust back though as this exhaust sounds amazing, the kit is all factory fitted, and a possible bargain for anyone who makes an offer Im moving to egypt for a while with the misses and doing my padi scuba courses, then im not sure where ill be, im not really a planning type of person
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