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The 2023 F1 Chat Thread

The G Man

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Not seen a chat thread for the new season, apologies if it’s elsewhere.


False dawn for Aston Martin?  Hope not!


Red Bull red hot?  Me thinks yes!


Ferrari?  Still having strategy and mechanical issues?


Mercedes?  Come good as season progresses?


Hass?  Gotta be on it, or out of it this season?


McLaren?  WTF!




Rosberg?  Fashion Victim?


Crazy DC?  Mad as a bag of spanners :lol: ?


Las feckin Vegas?  Yeah Baby!


Nose Stud?  Get rid ffs





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It would be nice to see Alonso fighting for a top spot this year as he still has the talent and not afraid to get stuck amongst it. 
Hope McLaren get sorted as I like to see Lando do well. 
Red Bull and Max, well no change from me from last year or the year before! 😡

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