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  1. Has the car had a past windscreen replacement and it is a protective rubber pad for transporting the screen that has been left on. My concern is that it is keeping the rubber off the screen that will then allow water to pass. I would take it out. It certainly does not look right.
  2. Sounds like you have found a decent place. Let me know how you get on. The W brace was replaced on my car just before it was purchased but not sure about the kidney brackets although it had just past its test. it would be a good idea for you to replace them and then get a coating on them. 👍
  3. Cheers. It’s not that far to go if I wanted it going and like someone said being a 4x4 place they may have a little more expertise on rust protection. Let me know how you get on 👍.
  4. Excellent I love it. Russell is definitely showing Hamilton have to drive a Mercedes this year!
  5. Stagshaw was the other company I was thinking of. I live near Darlington so that would probably be my preference but it is my sons car so would have to talk him into getting it done. I have mentioned it to him to get it done at the back end of the year once he has had his fun over summer. where about in the region are you from? There does not appear to be many members in this neck of the woods.
  6. Yeah my thoughts is to stick with the DMF for the same reasons.
  7. I come from the North East and have briefly looked into this as am thinking of doing the same come winter time when the car in not in use. Autospray in Darlington do Dinitrol and there was a 4x4 place up past Newcastle somewhere but I can not remember their name. A quick Google search came up with both companies and the Dinitrol website. Let me know how you get on.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum. I am currently in the same boat as you with a clutch that may require replacement. The ‘Z’ (HR model) is my sons car that he has owned for a couple of months and has said a couple of times the pedal does not feel right when it comes back up. I have enquired with a couple of people on here and some say to change the DMF with the clutch and some say don’t. I would prefer to fit another DMF but some people also say to go with a SMF to keep the costs down. The key it to fit an upgraded CSC at the very least. Let me know how you get on.
  9. Looks nice. Any previous with a Z?
  10. An F1 purist cannot agree will the yee haa American bull***t of yesterday. Billy T Ribbs was a joke ‘baby’ and the police escort to the podium was way OTT. Then to wear a football helmet in the podium just confirmed to me that in America F1 is just entertainment.
  11. Thanks for your comments. I have been looking at past posts on this subject and I am thinking of going down the DAB splitter route. A little research says that I need to remove the aerial amplifier from the circuit as this filters out the high frequencies that DAB use then the splitter can pick all frequencies and connect to the rear of the HU.
  12. I am looking at replacing the original HU (non-Bose) and I am wondering what you guys have done about a DAB aerial. I know there are ones that can be mounted to the windscreen what do these look like and what is the reception like? Does anybody know of a solution to either retain the original aerial using a DAB splitter of replace the aerial itself with a DAB unit. A quick google search has not gone well trying to find a replacement DAB aerial that will mount on the rear panel. Has anyone gone as far as mounting a roof aerial and removing the original aerial altogether? Any comments would be appreciated.👍
  13. Thanks guys. I found JM Imports on the web but have not seen the other one. I also was told about Falcon Performance in Middlesbrough if anyone knows anything about them.
  14. As the title say really. I am looking for a place to get the Zed serviced locally. Had a quick search on Google but not really giving any results. I was thinking about about the major side of things like clutch replacement etc.
  15. Gave it a hoover wash and polish yesterday to get to know the car. It has a few more stone chips than I first thought but that’s all part of the course. Will need some paint at some point. The alloys are an absolute pleasure to clean. I’ve never have a set of wheels where access inside the wheel is so easy to clean. Also find the rear drivers speaker not working. It is a base model so it is either the head unit or the speaker.
  16. Hello, another newbie. I was keeping an eye on that one while it was up for sale. Nice looking Zed👍
  17. Thanks for the replies. Probably not make the meet this time round but will see what happens in the future. Are there any members up this way. Just looking for a Zed was a problem as there was none for sale up this way. They all seem to be for sale around the Manchester area and down towards and past London. One question I have, does anyone know if there are any performance or Jap specialists up this way for servicing etc?
  18. Hello, Just joined today after frequently visiting every day since last October when the search for a Zed begun. This week my son picked up an 08 HR after I managed to stall him over winter as fear for the worst in winter weather (he is only 20). Although it is not officially my car I will get to drive it a lot and have some input to its future adventures. I have always been a member of a forum for whatever car I own and still am for previous cars. They are such a wealth of information and full of friendly advice. I will be along with loads of questions I’m sure! For now the obligatory photos👍
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