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380RS Nismo - Black


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9 hours ago, P15UL T said:

I did hear rumours that there was a 3rd in the UK. Heard it maybe went to Ireland. Would be nice to get in touch with the owner. 



If he is at the next one, i'll be sure to grab him and send him this way. I knew they were rare, Sadly, I wasn't aware it was so rare :scare: 

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9 hours ago, P15UL T said:

I have one here in kilmarnock Scotland and my friend Gary has one up in Aberdeen. He was the first one to get his about 5 years ago I think. 



Those aren't a pair of 380RS..... any juicy pics of your mates one matey - such amazing cars.

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38 minutes ago, ShortPaul said:

Omg what a site, so rare, what would you value these at? 

My silver nismo is up for sale just now for £25000, currently they are about £30k to get one from Japan to the UK with low mileage. And in America they are about $40,000 according to the nismo Members pages. The 380RS is pretty hard to gauge now as I've not seen one for sale for about 6 months. Last one I saw was around £45,000

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