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Rota wheel fitment question... maybe one for the traders on here!

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I've been pondering over what wheels to get for my 370Z for a long time and i'm almost at the point of purchasing some but i've hit a snag... (have searched the web, including fitment industries and the forum extensively with no firm answer)


I want to get a set of Rota Grids (my choice, I know they may not be to everyone's taste) in the following set up:


19 x9.5J ET38 Front

19 x 10.5J ET20 Rear


The reason for this setup up is that this pushes the wheels slightly further than the Nismo wheels and i don't ant to use spacers at all. The car (although not strictly a daily driver) needs to remain well useable on the road as I use it for work occasionally.


I had been talking to driftworks and a couple of other companies and there are mixed answers on whether the fronts will clear the brake caliper, I know the front wheels are close and spoke design on any aftermarket wheels will have an impact but with a 9.5J running a 38mm positive offset I thought this would be enough.


Any help appreciated

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Just an update on this in case anyone else comes up against this in the future. I have been assured by rimstyle that they will fit as they have sold sets to other 370z owners (who haven’t had to use spacers apparently)


I’ve ordered a set on the proviso that if the fronts don’t clear they take them back and refund me!


Delivery due tomorrow/Tuesday so 🤞🏻

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Just jump on www.willtheyfit.com plug in your current set up and new and it will show you the new poke etc. Simples…

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Hey @Payco


Thanks for your reply, I'd already been through that to check poke and spacing from strut etc. which was within what I was aiming for. It wasn't poke i was worried about it was more to do with the spoke/caliper clearance.


The good news is i can report that Rota Grids in 19x9.5J ET38 do indeed clear the front caliper, it's a little tighter than the standard Rays but still clear.




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