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  1. Thanks folks. Unfortunately all 3x 370z I was offered for sale in N.Ireland, the owners changed their minds, and decided to keep, before I even got to view them. These 370z must be some car! However, rather than waiting until I'm allowed to possibly travel over to England in May, I decided to buy an extremely fit supercharged 20v westfield, as my new weekend toy. Once the summer is over, and I need a toy with a roof, I might start chasing a 370z again, but never say never.......
  2. Cheers Andy. That originally was the idea, but thinking better keeping 2k in the bank for the clutch / flywheel replacement,which no doubt, I'll get hit with, within a week of enjoying the new car ha.
  3. Hi folks. Thought it would be rude, not to join the forum, when after selling both tts, I've decided its time I got myself a 370z. Still going to keep the mx5 for trackday duties, but a road going 370z should make a nice fun weekend car! From my googling last couple days, I see the following are things to check on viewing a car include clutch fluid level / colour / leaks, clutch pedal bite point, rear shafts clicking, proof of a recent clutch slave cylinder, oil pressure when warm, and proof the big 6th service was done. Anything else I should be looking for, outside the obvious paintwork / bo
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