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  1. Thanks. Will stick the battery on a longer charge,and google the whole fuse removal thing on my next day off, as any time I go to the car, the steering lock seems to have activated, when I have locked the car from the previous time I was in it. Def way prefer an old fashioned key hmmmm
  2. Hi folks. I've bought a 2012 370z with 64k a few months back, and only gets a run up and down the lane, every few weeks to keep the brakes from getting too rusty, but last few times, I've had to charge the battery for couple hours. Now I'm sure the voltmeter gauge read about 14v on the 35 mile drive home, when 1st bought, but when I started last night, and tonight, on first startup I'm seeing just over 14v, but after about 30-40 seconds, it suddenly drops down to 13v, and stays at this as car warms up for next 15 minutes. Car running perfectly otherwise, and no squealing from the alternator belt, to suggest the alternator is working flat out, Soooo..... 1. Is this normal running voltage, as any car I've previously had ran about 14v, when running? [No battery / charging line coming on, when running, and goes off as normal, when car starts] 2. Would a dying battery drop voltage from 14v to 13v, when running? 3. When car battery has enough power to unlock c/l, drop the window,and light up the dash, but starter sticks due to not enough juice in battery, but less than a hour. has the battery on over 75%l charge,car starts within couple turns of starter, I'm thinking a dude battery would need alot more charging than that? 4. Any other things I could check, to confirm if alternator is still ok, as would be surprised if it's bad with the low mileage? 5. Would a sticking / going faulty steering lock mechanism cause any of these symptoms? Sorry for the long winded post, but hoping I can sort out the fault, before I get the car mot'd / legal for the road. Tia for any advice.
  3. A wee shout out to VIP Motorsport. Braum suppliers in the uk, and actually had a few seats in stock, when 3 or 4 other suppliers were quoting anything from 3 weeks to 14 weeks. Ordered Monday morning, and arrived over here in N.Ireland today. Very nicely made seats on close inspection, and don't judge me, but watched the news sitting on 1 of them for a hour, and actually felt rather nice. Definitely gets my vote, if anyone else is considering these seats. Will get pics up, once I get 370z mounts, and them in the car.....
  4. Auld Boris can't even build a bridge to Dominic, to stop his touting to the media every couple days......
  5. Thanks Bry, but trying to get in uk, to avoid import duties, or will just get the Planted ones, if I'm really stuck, but appreciate the suggestions.
  6. Would you believe after 3 weeks of numerous suppliers and sellers flaffing about, and not giving a straight answer about mental leadtimes, I finally managed to find a pair of seats just this evening! Now for another 3 weeks of flaffing, trying to get Planted style floor mounts hmmmmm. Soooooo does anyone know of a uk company / person making floor mount frames for aftermarket seats for a 370z? Thanks in advance. :)
  7. Finally found a supplier with seats actually in stock, and be over here in N.I, in a few days, so now hoping someone knows of anyone / a company who makes 370z seat floor mounts, that I can fit my seat sliders to. I could order Planted mounts, but they are 4 weeks minimum, so hoping someone in uk, could be alot quicker, or has even has a 2nd hand pair for sale? Cheers.
  8. All fair points, however being stuck over in N.Ireland, with hardly any companies over here having seats f0r me to try, I find online forums are / have been great over the years, getting feedback on various stuff, before I order. On a side note, I run recaro poles in my mx5 weekend / trackday car,and they are brilliant, after trying them in a friends audi, I've also already tried a corbeau of similar style to the recaro previously, and funnily enough have just emailed GSM this morning about them, but no-one over here, seems to have the Braums, for me to try, hence why I was looking feedback. Those white seats might appeal to someone else on here! lol
  9. To muddy the waters even more, I've just seen these mono speeds ( an old seat according to my google search), but just been retrimmed in leatherette and suede. Not sure if abit girlie for a black 370z?!!!!! Anyone remember if these were decent or crap to sit in, back in the day?
  10. Sooooo much want! My heart says yes, my bank account says nah,hence the braums :(
  11. lol. Cheers lad. I have been googling the american forum, and they seem to rate them, but no one really saying if they are higher or lower than the oem seats. I have fired a pm to torqen for availability, as their prices are lowest I've found so far, but those cobra misanos not bad either hmmmm
  12. I'm looking for aftermarket recaro cs / corbeau rrs / braum seats. I'm open to other suggestions, but not interested in genuine nismo recaro cs's, mainly as I can't afford the 2.5k upwards asking price, unfortunately, hence the hunt for corsa / clio versions. You must be willing to post to N.Ireland. Up to 1k sitting, dependant on condition sitting, so won't be wasting your time. Thanks. Open to
  13. Since my car came with cloth seats, I planned to fit leather recaro cs seats like the later nismos, but I have found Braum seats that look very similar in several sites. Now I see they are covered in leatherette, rather than proper leather of the recaro cs's, so I'm wondering: 1. Anyone who has fitted Braum's, what are they like for comfort and wear? 2. If you use the Planted floor brackets to mount the Braum seats, are you now sitting higher or lower than the std nissan seats? 3. Any uk suppliers for 370z floor mounting frames, other than Planted? Thanks in advance for any info / advice! Mike.
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