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Right then, seems my Zed sold a hell of a lot faster than I thought I would, which leaves me with a relatively small amount of time in which to replace it!


Wonder what people in a similar situation to me have gone for after their Zeds, things I need to factor in are:


* £20K - 25K

* 4 Doors

* 4 Seats

* Decent Boot 

* Same speed / power as a Zed minimum - shouldn't be too hard in this day and age!

* Nice modern day cabin


At the moment I keep looking at "Zee GermanZ" as they seem to be ticking all the boxes, but just thought I'd see what other people have gone for after their Zeds.



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What you have described is bang on RSx Audi territory I would say. Just bear in mind that everyone I know that gets in an Audi (R8 aside) describes the numb feel-less drive to them. Are you worried about driving dynamics? You can see what I went for post-zed but I doubt it suits your needs :lol:

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I've been looking at these as a family car.

Seems like prices are holding well if not going up.

Reviews say that you forget about the sparse interior once you blast off to the burble of that boxer engine.



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Bit late but thought I'd let you know what I went for in the end!


2018 S4 (B9 Model)


Very different to the Zed but does everything I need it to. Safe, comfy and fuel friendly in eco mode when I have the kids in or for long trips with a boot full of stuff and frigging fast and loud in Dynamic mode when I'm late for work after the school run!


Still miss the Zed every day but this is what I need right now. Will see what happens further down the line maybe I'll be back behind the wheel of one if there are any still about in a few years time!


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