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Newbie with 2007 350z Nismo

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Hi Everyone,   Dean here, currently living out in Osaka, Japan. Originally from Aberdeen.   Just bought a 2007 350z Nismo, apart from the alloys and MCR exhaust, fairly standard ca

I get more soon. Its in having the bumpers freshened up along with the roof, mirrors and rear wing sprayed silver again as a previous owner had the painted dark grey. Which does look nice but I want i

Couple of photos from my recent road trip. 

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5 hours ago, Justthejedi said:

Great looking car and those roads and scenery look absolutely fantastic. I'd love to visit Japan one day, it's on my bucket list.

Thanks, needs a little TLC but that's part of the fun.


I love the country roads, just great to drive on. 


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Been watching your videos and staying up to date with them, its a real shame you're having issues with the car and garage still. However the low oil pressure issue you're having is well known on the HR engines, why they didn't replace the gaskets while the second engine was out, would've made their lives and yours so much easier


Get those gaskets changed ASAP you'll notice such a difference with the car

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After 8 weeks and they give you the car back with a major fault it didn't go in with, terrible conditions.


Had something now been sorted pal? 

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