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Welcome to Classic Line Insurance


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Please give a warm welcome to Classic Line Insurance who've signed up to be pro traders and help support the club.


Classic Line Insurance are a leading name in Classic & Specialist Car Insurance in the UK and work with numerous Car clubs and events across the country. ClassicLine look at each vehicle and client individually to offer the best possible policy and price for you and your car. A Classic Car is not necessarily deemed by age and this means Classic Line can insure modern classics, future classics, specialist and cherished cars, modified cars and generally anything a little different or interesting. As well as offering multi cars policies to cover your daily drivers too.


All policies come as standard with everything you should need from an insurance product at no extra cost:


  • Fully Comprehensive cover
  • 90 days of European cover
  • Breakdown cover for UK & Europe including home start
  • Motor Legal Cover
  • Windscreen cover


Classic Line can also offer track day cover and agreed value policies. To find out more please www.classicline.co.uk


And to get a quote call the team on 01455 63 9000


Classic Line offer all 350z UK members a 15% discount, simply quote ‘Nissan 350/370z UK Owners Club’

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Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome! My name is Rob, I work at Classic Line Insurance and we are super excited to be working with 350z UK. I am actually a fellow Z owner and have been a member on the forum for quite some time. I have seen a number of insurance questions and queries cropping up on the forum more recently and thought that Classic Line would be a good fit to a lot of the members needs as we are tailored to specialist policies.


If anybody does have any questions then please get in touch. Drop me a personal message, make a forum post or call me at the office on 01455 63 9000, I will be happy to assist.



Classic Line Insurance 

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Hi all, quick update.....


If you are after a quote then please call us directly on 01455 63 9000 - our online quote system is not set up to offer the 350z club discount so will throw up an error message. 


For anybody who really doesn't have the time to call or just really hates the phone then drop me a message and I can gather your details directly to get you a quote,


Thanks for your understanding.


Rob :thumbs:

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  • 8 months later...

Hi Rob, 

Just called and went through my details and cosmetic mods and had a quote of £900..!! :( the lady said it was to do with the millage I do no more at the most 8,000 and she said it was because specialise on low mileage.

So on this occasion I won't be go with this Insurance Co 

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