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Tar spots

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Whats peoples opinion on best way to remove tar spots from paintwork?

Many people say WD 40 or butter? Anyone tried these?

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Spray on, leave for 2 minutes, wash off. Although Tardis is more difficult to get hold of these days (beware random eBay sellers selling stuff they claim to be Tardis, it usually isn’t!).


AutoGlym stuff is okay but it’s more of a **** to apply because it doesn’t come in a spray bottle, it needs to swell to work properly so wiping on doesn’t really work all that well.

Both CarChem and Gyeon offerings are better, to be honest.


WD40 kind of works but not well and I’ve never even heard of using butter! :lol:

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Car Chem products seem to be getting the illogikal seal of approval nowadays...overall would you say their stuff is well above equivalent priced brands? I have a fair few Gyeon products haven't tried Car Chem yet...

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I’ve always rated Car Chem to be fair - it’s just Hard Shell I haven’t got along with so far really. As a generalisation they will offer something that can compete with any other brand on the market, albeit there are a few products that would come second here and there.

I’ve always bought direct from them in the past and the sticking point was the fixed price delivery which could be a bit much if you’re just making a small order, but with resellers like our own @G1en@waxandshine offering at very sensible prices that’s less of an issue these days.


I've always found Car Chem products to just work as they’re meant to and always offering good value; aside from being well priced from the outset, you really don’t use that much product at all (no matter which product it is, compared to similar products).


Pre-polishing steps I would quite happily use exclusively Car Chem products - something like their paint cleanser for example is the only thing I’ve found that comes close to Jeffs Werkstat Prime.

Polishing and LSP I’m not so convinced about right now.


They do offer waxes (which I really liked as well) and some good sealants but I don’t tend to use either anymore these days. They offer a relatively new coating but I’ve not tried that at all.

I have tried Hydro Coat which worked better being physically applied neat rather than spray on rinse off when diluted, so I preferred Gyeon WetCoat there, but with Hydro Seal being premixed that could change (I’ve used it but not really tested it yet).

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