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  1. Same as Rob, only cost around £70 inc new fluid and much bigger, you can chuck the hard pipes as well and just use the flexible hose it comes with. I just knocked up a bracket for it and used the original bracket holes/bolts
  2. 20% off engine/underbody products this weekend. Use code protect20 makes the BH dynax stuff under £12
  3. Fair enough, if your saying its wrong then i’ll accept that and they should have displayed it differently. As i said above though, i think (maybe wrongly, who knows) that they were trying to display the relative performance difference in relation to each tyre and emphasise the big drop off to a budget tyre. If they have displayed it wrong they have probably got someone who's not done a stats degree to do the charts or someone like me that just “wings it”
  4. I see where you are coming from coldel but in defence of the charts/data there has to be a baseline and then a proportionate improvement gap. Ie 3 tyres do a 50,52,54 sec lap. Tyre 2 shows a 50% improvement over tyre 3 when compared against tyre 1. Now overall the 2 second difference is just 4% but when comparing against each other the percentages/difference feels much greater. I mean for the tests above, he could have done laps with no tyres (just rims) and still set a time, maybe twice as long but we wouldnt say that driving without tyres is only 50% worse than with tyres. Not having a go at all, just explaining my view on it and why they may have presented it like they have, not saying its right either but they have to display the results somehow and displaying a bar chart from zero would not get across the required effect (or deception) delete as necessary.
  5. Anyone that puts budget tyres on an M car is only gonna contribute to the evolution of the human race through natural selection so crack on i say. On a serious note, even the man himself said a lot of the results were very close and subjective between the premium brands and mid range choice which is why its so hard to say the “best” tyre. I have been 2 seconds apart on a lap with the same car/conditions AND same tyres so human skill is a massive variable as is car setup/configuration. The same tyres can be a world apart in feel and performance from one car to the next, low pressures to high pressures and so on and so on. Good video none the less
  6. Bilt hamber finis-wax on the daily this morning.
  7. Think its on the website at £58 but you can also buy the products individually at around £15 each. Its fairly easy to do. I did it on my driveway with axle stands. Like with anything, preperation can make a big difference to the longevity of the products although they are formulated so they can go straight onto rust if you cba. You will need best part of a day to do it right if you part strip the car like i did. Check my build thread.
  8. Double speed wax and finis wax available at your friendly online forum trader
  9. Now you are opening the “can” and depending who you ask you will get every possible recommendation/advice/slating/verbal abuse possible. If all the tyres are matching, just swap the fronts like you suggest.
  10. You have kind of answered it. The 245/275 combo works well and many have run it including myself but the profile ratio needs to be the same on the fronts and rears, ie 30/35/40.
  11. Got someone who will take both @Stock so let me know by Tomorrow (sunday) night if you want them mate as i offered to you first so only fair.



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