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  1. We now have around 50 bags for life in the cupboard as the misses keeps forgetting to take them shopping but its all good as i am apparently saving the planet.
  2. Well done Colin, get that page mounted on the garage wall.
  3. I have a pair if its the standard orange ones your after
  4. Thats seems fine and i doubt it would be that exact to oem if any of the chassis or arms were bent so that just leaves tyres or bushes really. If you have had the bushes checked and they are fine than its back to the tyres. Unfortunately an expensive way to find out if it makes it better but if the current tyres are hardly worn you could sell them on. I take it its on standard suspension and not some chinese aftermarket tat that a previous owner may have put on. As mentioned above, has anyone else driven the car since alignment. Failing all that im out of suggestions.
  5. Complete guess but could possibly be something like brake fluid or fuel thats splashed up from the wheel and sat there for a while so eaten slightly into the clearcoat? when i spilt a little brake fluid onto barrel of an alloy wheel and left it i was suprised how it went through the gtechniq C5 applied and made a similar thing to your pic.
  6. I think if he sells the car he needs to add the line “wheels would benefit from a refurb”
  7. Just to note and i am not suggesting this is the case but “they” can make any value of toe/camber/caster appear green on a printout by overriding the required values. For example my printout is green but camber is -2’30 which is not factory spec, it was just easier for guy to see on screen when altering rear arms then he tweaks it from there and the printout is all green. Nothing is in factory specs but it is green in relation to what i asked for. So worth just checking the after printout to make sure all is ok, also again, does anyone else drive the car as i know my wife could hit a pothole/kerb and never mention anything to me which could throw something out without you realising.
  8. If the geo is ok, next logical step is tyres tyres tyres. A lot of people harp on about this but its the only thing connecting you to road, this time of year with slippy road surfaces will make the heavy zed feel lighter steering anyway but an A rated wet tyre will give you lots more sure footedness, just not great for the summer. I have just put uniroyal rainsport 5s on the daily peugeot 308 (front tyres only) and the ones on the rear are continentals still with loads of tread. I was flinging it around a few roundabouts in wet conditions and the back was sliding out which just should not happen in a front wheel drive front engined car but just goes to prove the extra grip of a well Renowned dedicated wet tyre over another “less capable” tyre going back to the alignment, a decent garage should be able to tell if its had a knock previous but the alignment would be a real chew to get correct if arms were bent etc to the point were either a “good” garage would explain the situation or a”bad” garage would just do what they can and take your money.
  9. Great stuff just how “long” is this test planned to last for. I simply ask for the “elder statesmen” of the forum that sadly may not be with us to reach its conclusion and thus can decide whether to carry on Reading past this point.
  10. Welcome. Even the inside of the exhaust is shiny. Great stuff
  11. Yeah around 12mm but couple of things to note, if your going from worn out tyres to brand new you will gain half of that back with the new full 8mm tread and different tyre manufacturers can have varying widths/depths of tyre but quote the same size ie 245/40 size. But all in all, you will be fine
  12. 245/40 profile will be fine, thats what i have on mine. It will slightly lower car but wont be an issue looking at your existing pic.
  13. Has the bleed nipple snapped off the caliper (looking at last picture) possibly some brake fluid or oil has got onto discs and the pads have burnt it into disc under heavy braking which would poss explain the rainbow and loss of braking force. Just clutching at straws for you as i recall when i changed my fluid i thought i had tightened the nipples up enough but the force of the brakes made the fluid squirt out so had to get them mega tight.
  14. Can’t help with the resistor problem. When i fitted my momo hub the resistor supplied worked fine, possibly could it be the wrong ohms/watts resistor supplied as it was from ebay? for the off centre wheel, again when i put my aftermarket wheel on, it just would not line up straight as the 6 bolt pattern to fix to hub and the splines on the steering rod for the hub only allow set degrees of movement but any decent alignment place will get it pointing straight, luckily when i fitted mine i was at an alignment garage and they sorted it.





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