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  1. Finally got some pics uploaded

    Wow, i wish my wife loved me cleaning the car, i have to do hers as well just to get clearence then get moaned at for taking so long. She expects a proper wash to be as quick as the £5 drive through jobbies. Great looking 370, hard to grasp that these cars are coming upto 10 years old now.
  2. New Owner

  3. Hi everyone

    Do standard 350s still exist? I thought they went the way of the dodo. Best colour btw
  4. Any tips for restoring plastic trim

    I sell a gtechniq C4 trim protect/restorer 10% off at present plus you get a free 250mm tyre protect with all orders until end of March
  5. Mars next stop :)

    There is an obvious explanation for the laser experiment. That particular salt flat or whatever may in fact be “flat” The earth is not a perfect sphere, there will be sections and areas of varying sizes that are as near as dam it, flat, there will be other bits that curve a little more than normal. Case closed
  6. Hi all!

    Welcome along
  7. Arch Rubbing with new wheels

    I run a 275 wide tyre on a ET22 wheel and i got my arches rolled before fitting the wheels, i think i would have got away with it anyway as i have around 10mm gap and the lip if i recall is around 10mm. Your tyre and wheel being ET12 will stick out 10mm further than mine so to get the tyre back i think you would have to go with a 255 wide tyre (20 less than current as that would be 10mm either side) or get your arches rolled. Hope that makes sense although hard to know for certain in the real world. Its not that big a job doing the rear arches, i got mine sanded and resprayed at same time as there was rust forming on the inner lips so killed 2 birds with one spray can. Cost around £300 and now i have peace of mind i can fit nearly any wheel.
  8. First time on a forum

    Welcome along
  9. Hi all!!

    Nice Zed. Everytime i read/look at another it makes me think No 2 are the same (im sure there will be but not on this forum and the variety of mods and styling make owning the zed great)
  10. Factory Fresh Nismo

    Congratulations. Love the look of these, offer something that little bit extra special over the standard cars.
  11. Hi

    Jays right, you have definitely picked the best colour. Welcome along, if you need any products to help keep it clean check out the website nudge nudge
  12. Japanese Performance Show - 19th August 2018

    Add me on Ian, Club ticket paid for.
  13. I'm back!

    Welcome back
  14. Spare wheel or foam

    I have my 350z spacesaver available. Dont know if it would def work with a 370 though.
  15. Aftermarket LSD advice please

    I will second the kaaz, i have the 2-way. I was considering the final drive swap as well but didnt do it. If its a track car then go for it, you will get the most out of the full set of gears. Otherwise 6th is redundant. If its a daily/commuter car best keeping final drive to keep revs and fuel use down in motorway. I have a spare std diff and housing if you want to build it off the car.