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  1. G1en@waxandshine

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I agree @Ekona i didnt mean to imply going EV is the right thing to do, I just meant going greener in general to help the planet regardless of global warming. Whether EVs turn out to be the saviour, im on the fence like most people on the forum. What i am trying to get at is the mass consumer market need a serious tempting offer to change so until a nissan leaf is cheaper than a micra or the teslas have a 10 min charge point at every petrol station and car park its gonna be a long slow uptake.
  2. G1en@waxandshine

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I dont think anyone can dispute the planet is getting warmer. You only have to watch documentaries and look at stats. My mum said (and i have seen old pics) the local river used to freeze every winter and people ice scated on it. Thats not happened in my lifetime. Whether it is just a climate phase the planet is going through or a direct result of mankinds actions can spark a little debate but either way, going “greener” is the right thing for us to do. Its just there has to be a compelling reason for consumers to change. The price has to be attractive or the infrastructure/USP of electric cars much better than ICE cars. Comparing it to phones, we have been in the Nokia phase for so long now where everyone wants the 8310. It does the job, has decent features and is reasonably priced. The next phase needs to be either the cheap mass produced korean/japanese type phones that do everything the 8310 did but in technicolour and for less and/or it needs to be the iphone where the infrastructure (itunes/apps) and the performance (ios/camera/screen etc) is enough to make consumers willing to spend the extra. Gonna be interesting or boring (depending on where you sit) to see how it goes and no one has even mentioned the hydrogen fuel cell cars, they may turn out to be the android phones in the analogy above.
  3. G1en@waxandshine

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I agree its years (decades) away unless some seizmic shift happens with government/legislation. I work for a big company who “say” they are green and environmentally responsible yet my 7 options for a company car are ALL deisel.
  4. G1en@waxandshine

    new owner in Scotland 350

  5. G1en@waxandshine

    My 240z Project

    I wish i had the money, time, skills and facilities to do something like this but i have none so will settle for gawping in awe at projects like yours. Well done. The old datsun 240 really is a fantastic looking car, love the colour too.
  6. G1en@waxandshine

    New 350z Cheshire Owner

    Welcome along i had same dilema when i got mine, was contemplating a S2000 but went for the HR 350 and even though money speaking the honda would be worth more now i wouldn’t swap.
  7. G1en@waxandshine

    Another new owner

    Welcome along
  8. G1en@waxandshine

    Cheap 22 inch rim mod WITH COMFORT

    There was a chap on this very forum a year or 2 back that this would have been right up his street. Ganster getto mod style. On a technicality though, no one ever considers weight of the tyres and i was suprised to feel how heavy/light they can be with different profiles so i’m not sure there will be that much overall weight difference with say a 18” wheel and 45 profile tyre to a 19” wheel with 35 profile tyre if you kept the same spec wheel and tyres.
  9. G1en@waxandshine

    Thought I would say Hi

    Welcome along the w brace is a waste of time trying to save, just buy a replacement or aftermarket one.
  10. G1en@waxandshine

    Just joined

    Welcome. Is it ibisu black or midnight blue, cant quite tell. Looks great
  11. G1en@waxandshine

    Very Happy New Zed Owner

    Welcome along
  12. G1en@waxandshine

    Buying a 350Z

    Welcome Tom
  13. G1en@waxandshine

    New project..... Datsun 240z

    You cannot sell that! no idea of value but if you have to sell it as part of the split then you could always sell it cheap to a “friend” then buy it back later. And i would be willing to be the “friend” you need to broker this deal in these harsh times
  14. G1en@waxandshine

    New 350 owner here

    Welcome Will, not too far from you, just along M62 in Pontefract.
  15. G1en@waxandshine

    Newbie (another one)

    Welcome Chris hope you can grab a bargain over the winter