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  1. Just tell him your best mate also works for armada oil (what a coincidence) and he is going “offshore” tomorrow. You will give him the cash and have arranged for him to pass it on in a black briefcase. All you need is the Rig location and meet up time/point.
  2. Not really the type of car you can clone and put false plates on.
  3. Good info, seems strange how the recommended wheel width is the widest size in the “acceptable” range. Maybe the tread block works better with a bit of “stretch”? the sizes on offer are better for me with the 40 profile, it will raise the car back up little as it sits too low at the minute for normal use. To be fair, they are gonna be better than the AD08R as they are more a high performance road tyre than out and out track tyre. Looking forward to the review though as the nankang AR-1 i have are not at their best when cold or damp, the extreme wets are useless in the dry or warmth. In this country where we have 4 seasons in one day, these bad boys could be ideal, fingers crossed.
  4. I would be up for it, as long as the car is still in one (or poss two) piece.
  5. Let me know how the tyres get on. If they perform from the off and are great in dry and wet they could be my next hillclimb tyre as they are on the 1b list. They get great reviews but supposedly start to go off after a few hard laps which won’t be an issue for me. @davey_83 with pressures i have found starting with the manufacturers recommended for the weight of the car is a great start and tweek slightly from there.
  6. Unfortunately not as the HR version has holes either end for the twin intakes. I can get a mishimoto power steering rad for £60 new direct which is very reasonable so only worth getting used if its from same place/person as rad support, sorry Ian
  7. Due to a minor indiscretion with a tyre wall i am looking for a front bumper (oem or aftermarket) main radiator support (big section that the rads sit behind and crash bar attaches to) and the power steering radiator/cooler. If anybody has anything going cheap before i buy new let me know. It is 350 HR model yes, i have tried Alex
  8. I have just removed both jets from my bumper after recent crash. The jets/brackets are perfectly fine, depending what i do regarding new bumper i may not use them so will update here if they are available if you don't get sorted before.
  9. Yeah, i will have to try that kit, stability control i could understand on a corner but going in a straight line? I just think its the abs as i cant recall it ever triggering and i can do some last minute braking, but when i leave it too late the rears seem to lock up first, if i am starting to turn this usually results in a 180/360 spin. If abs was working correctly i would understeer yes?
  10. It all works fine when i re-start the car though, its just strange that its happened at the same place twice and only there. The track was slightly damp on both occasion as well. Do you know if abs is front wheels only? As on other occasions the rears seem to lock way before the fronts, this may be to do with the 2-way diff, CL6 pads on rear, little weight on rear or prob all 3. Think i need to pull the fuses and try it out or the abs module (if there is such a thing) may be faulty as it feels like instead of pulsing the brake pedal (releasing, reapply releasing) it applies then fails (light comes on) then cannot disengage.
  11. This happens when i am braking full on in a straight line. The brakes seize and stay seized even when i release pedal. I dont know if the car has some sort of G meter that thinks i am in a crash or something as i have uprated brakes and semi slicks and this braking zone is uphill so im going from 65 to 25 in about 10mtrs. As you say i may be overloading the system. I would much rather do the braking myself anyway as abs very rarely kicks in which is why i think something or some sensor may be faulty. Which fuses do you pull for the ABS/TC/SC on the HR?
  12. Right then, after the zed today binned me into the gravel and tyre wall for the second time i need to get to bottom of why its happening. When i slammed on the brakes at around 65mph (on rev limiter in 2nd) the abs light and car skidding light came on and the brakes lock up sending me straight on to certain death (ish) Traction control is always off as its during hillclimbing/sprints. Any ideas whats happening. When i restart the car all lights come on (TC, ABS, Skid car (SC?) and stay on then go off when i pull away.



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