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Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)


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The noise isn't so much the Toyosport so much as the HFC, as with stock cats the noise is sports rather than loud *see above sound clip. Keeping the HFC, the mild sounding systems are the Miltek and Scorpion offerings. 

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As it might be useful to you I ended up going with the Toyosport and have the stock cats still, at Bedford last Monday it tested at 78 dB. I'll be back there at the end of this month by which time the exhaust will have quite a few miles on it so will be interesting to see if this changes at all.

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On 16/06/2021 at 13:17, vroom811 said:

Definatley track tyres next then probably coliover suspension next but we'll see how she handles at the next track day.


The toyosport is lounder even at low revs.  Excellent value but would have liked it to only be loud above 4k!    Bit of a drone / buzz when accelerating from below 2k but not too bad.   You've still got the stock W brace haven't you?   i've got the UltraRacing one and it snags on the exhuast so have just ordered a new OEM one.


Yeah would be good to get to a meet at some stage.  i have a 2 year old which makes it difficult though!  That link you snet didn't work for me though for some reason?

Totally agree on the drone point with HFC and exhaust. I'm going to try reduce it with lots of heat wrap in future I think. I also have stainless (thin wall) headers so probably worse than yours is. Stock are cast double-walled...


RE the rear brace. Also a UR user here - also hits on my exhaust at about 4000rpm or a short sharp acceleration. I need to pull it off to re-paint anyway as the stock coating is poor and I'm going to 'massage' with a hammer to get the clearance I need :)

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