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100,000 miles


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Total Costs over 100,000 miles:



350Z GT with RAYS alloys, Alezan Leather, Supaguard and Phone Kit (18/12/2003)



350Z Valve Caps, Car Cover (18/12/03)



Nissan mats, trunk net (20/12/03)


Subtotal: £28,953.66




Nissan High Mileage Service Plan:



FP1 (8/3/2004 @ 9,059 miles)

Included in Service agreement


FP2 (10/7/2004 @ 18,838 miles)

Included in service agreement


P1 (2/12/2004 @ 27,010 miles)

Included in Service agreement


FP3 (30/4/05 @ 37,362 miles)

Included in service agreement


FP1 46,621 miles (and brake fluid change) (31/8/2005)

Included in service agreement

Rear Brake pads replaced (£234.41)


FP2 (23/1/2006 @ 53, 775 miles)

Platinum spark plugs replaced.

Included in service agreement


FP1 (16/6/2006 @ 62,182 miles) (oil supplied)

customer supplied clutch fluid changed, replacement of auxillary drive belts



FP3 (14/9/2006 @ 71,042 miles)

Flwheel + Nissan Clutch + Windscreen wiper arms + replacing customer supplied brake fluid



FP1 (24/2/2007 @ 78,039 miles)




FP2 (3/8/2007 @ 88,796 miles) (own engine oil and gearbox oil)

+ change gearbox oil



FP1 (5/12/07 @ 99,448 miles) (own oil supplied)


(+£15.39 to replace customer supplied differential oil)



Subtotal: £3579.50



Consumables and Non-warranty/non-scheduled maintainence


Nissan Clutch, cover, clutch release bearing and fitting (15/10/04 @ 23,388 miles)




Fitting of tyres *2 rear (Hi-Q Motorway) (22/1/05)



Supply and fitting of front brake pads, supply and fitting of rear parking sensors (painted at body shop), loan car (14/2/2005@ 32,055 miles)




2* Pirelli P Zero Rosso (225/45 R18) (Hi-Q Motorway) (4/3/2005)



Nismo clutch, Nismo Clutch Cover, Clutch Release bearing (Ordered from Performance Nissan, USA) (30/4/2005 @ 33,222 miles)

US$ 693.15 + Tax/Duty

£305.50 (fitting)



Fitting of 2 tyres (Bower Lane Tyres) (31/8/05)



Nissan Clutch, Nissan Flywheel, windscreen wiper arms (15/9/2006 @ 71,042 miles) (own oil supplied)

see servicing FP3 for costs


Passenger window regulator, passenger door trim, driver's seat belt and fitting (28/9/2006 @ 71,843 miles)



FP1 (24/2/07 @ 80,359 miles) (own oil supplied)



Coolant (31/5/2007)



Subtotal £4100.81




Estimated at £700*4




100,000 miles at estimated 22 mpg at estimated £1.00 per litre:

17901 litres




Special note regarding clutches:

My last clutch (an OEM Nissan clutch, flywheel and cover) is the first clutch which has felt normal in my car; it has lasted considerably longer than the initial Nissan OEM ones, and interestingly, is the only clutch I have used on a driver training day, or at the Nordschleife.



GRAND TOTAL (not yet complete, some items, e.g. tyres, brake pads and one set of brake discs missing):



Current value of car (Parkers: private sale: (100,000 miles) Good Condition: excluding satnav)



Cost over 4 years= £46,139.97

Cost per mile= 46 pence

Driving experience: Priceless

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An interesting read but unless I have missed something you seem to have got through more clutches than tyres :wacko: That aside your last line sums up what the ZED is all about - sod the cost, eh :thumbs:


I haven't found the costs of most of my tyres, a set of brake discs, and a few other things yet (see grand total).

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How come you got through 4 clutches?


Excellent post, by the way. :thumbs:


My personal belief is that there was something wrong with the setup on clutches 1 and 2 (used mainly for motorway driving only; absolutely no track use). The clutch pedal had an abnormal feeling (as it did with the Nismo, but that was to be expected). I complained, but to no avail. Clutch 4 feels completely normal, and has been used on a driver training day and the Nordschleife; it's still going strong.

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Yikes!!! :headhurt::headhurt::headhurt::headhurt:


Excellent post - but erm erm now I am wondering if I should stick with my Pathfinder after all?


£17,000 on petrol alone - ooer I feel a bit dizzy.


Costs me about £4.5K on diesel a year which is bad enough I suppose?(34K miles on average - even though I am no 54K next week)


Oh stuff it if I can just scrape the cash together and keep it - think its gonna have to be my lst car ever - just sell the house and live in the car!


I hope you keep it after all those bills ? :D


Enjoy it......

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