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  1. The JPM article is good, if a little too gushy. Interesting point. Where are the obvious weight saves on the 350Z?
  2. StephenG

    ECU Pinouts

    I am in correspondence with them directly - I'll let you know on here when I get a reply.
  3. Just been reading that, very helpful. A few questions though; 1. What's 'PWM' stand for? 2. Is Output B the aux fuel pump? Because both the map Matt sent me and the map Dorian sent me have the fuel pump start pressure (Output A) at 0 and the run time at 0 as well... confusing 3. Is Output A not used then? 4. The big difference between the customer database Matt sent me and the database Dorian sent me is that the 'over pressure' on the Output setting is -3.99 on the stock map and 17 on the db Matt sent me. These sound wildly out from eachother - so does this value do anything?
  4. Great to know Can anyone tell me how you upload and download maps from the R4 software? Might reconnect the laptop and see if I can 'read' the settings from the box.... but it's not obvious (to me!) on the software how to read it.
  5. well, it might be. What I don't know yet is wether we can write values OK, but it's looking much more promising. What I really should do is give a BIG thankyou to both Dorian and Matt from CPRacing - they've been a massive help. Thank you both Stephen
  6. Box dragged out next to battery Attached to USB to serial converter Plugged into my mininote Video of R4 Software showing pressure 2.3Mb - http://www.stephengrant.com/350z/video/R4pressure.mpg Video of R4 Software showing chart recorder 2.8Mb - http://www.stephengrant.com/350z/video/ ... corder.mpg Video of R4 Software showing all values 2.7Mb - http://www.stephengrant.com/350z/video/R4allvalues.mpg Video of Engine bay on idle 5Mb - http://www.stephengrant.com/350z/video/enginebay.mpg
  7. OK. Quick update to date. Vortech installed. On base map (or whatever map Baptist had it last on). Car runs OK, but big holes around 5000 revs up. Take it to Abbey to get it tuned. They have problems trying to get R4 software talking to SS box. If they write values the box trips out, in 'limp mode' limiting the engine to 4000 revs. They cannot see any live values. I pick up the car, attempt to get the comms going myself. I get a USB to serial for my laptop, install the software, and attach it this afternoon. And I see values live! Hence must be some sort of problem with Abbey's laptop? I don't have the time (or balls) to attempt to write any values down to the SS box, and I'm not sure how to UPLOAD them anyway (can't see that option on R4 software). So - here's my progress so far... pics and videos in following post :





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