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  1. Only just seen this! Have a great retirement Graham. I echo the comments made by others: your input to this club has been nothing short of 100% dedication over the years. You'll be missed around here Now, if you get bored in retirement . . . I hear there is a Nissan sports car forum that could do with someone to do some Admin work. Wassit called again . . . 350z-uk? 👍 😁
  2. Can't say that the standard 996 tickled me after the HR Zed. Too close power wise and weight wise. Ekona is right tho, engine at the rear means you can act like a total idiot pulling out of a junction and the things just grip and go. Back end just refuses to step out. It's very odd after driving a FR car. But becomes intuitive eventually. Almost slow in (less mechanical grip than a FR car) and then very fast out thanks to the location of the engine. The 911 Turbo is a different beast again. The 996 varient being predominantly rear wheel drive until the front breaks traction..Then the front diff bites and the car hauls the hapless driver out of trouble and makes them look like Ayrton Senna. I ought to know lol :0) (30,000 miles in three years so far)
  3. Anyone have any 'odd' bill items on their Citrus Hotel credit/debit cards? Just checked my statement and they have refunded the £50 that they took in-case we raided the mini-bar..... but there is also a charge of £9.60. Which doesn't make much sense because I bought all the drinks for myself and folks with cash at the bar lol
  4. Wonderful to see so many familiar faces and also a load of new folks! Great event - many thanks to all involved!
  5. Hotel booked For what its worth, call the Hotel directly do NOT use the main national booking number. The folks at the end of the main booking / reservations number nationally had no idea what was going on
  6. All the best Colin! As has already been said on here, your input to the Forum and Club has been simply awesome and it's been a pleasure to meet you and June and also a pleasure to have spent time trying to keep up with GUNS on the various meets that Lydia and myself have attended I'm sure we will see you around in the future.....just stick a "Z" badge on the back of that A45
  7. RIP Martin. A true pillar of the 350z UK community. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him. He couldn't make it to the recent Scotland trip that a few of us undertook, but he still spent the best part of an hour on the phone to me helping me to get a decent B&B sorted for several of us for the return-leg stop over in the Lakes. An absolute star who will be very much missed by all. To mention all the times Martin has helped (just me) would fill up this thread. To recollect all the times he has helped many hundreds of members on this forum would probably need a new forum of it's own. Legend.
  8. I'm guessing poor sales figures for the 370z (certainly the Roadster) means fewer second hand sales thus prices stay steady? Anyone know (UK) how many 350z were sold compared to 370z?
  9. The camera must have been Japanese and overly confusing to use. I think i would have been fine if the camera had been a German make...
  10. www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0IWtfpdxQc (Copy and paste into a new browser window!) YouTube may take a day-or-so to actually allow smooth playback of 1080p - it's choppy for me currently Things to watch for: 1 - The Peloton 2 - Ioneabee and his "syncro-satnav-rev-matching" as he goes past the camera over the little bridge 3 - some of the cars genuinely sound like F1 cars as they scream past 4 - Jmanji bouncing over the bridge with his re-bushed suspension 5 - the video is an edit of about 70 mins of footage, down to about 32 minutes. Nowt special, but hopefully worth a watch. It will be best watched directly on YouTube at 1080p, and not via clicking the link i pop on here (ie copy/paste the link into a new browser window to get it running at it's best)
  11. Honestly! The exterior footage of that Peloton going past was mental! WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!
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