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  1. Pistonheads and eBay is your friends.. This site is dead for selling the cars..Had mine on here for a month,not even a single interest.. Pistonheads is the best and reasonably priced..
  2. if you want a performance and practicality:E92 m3 ,audi rs4,Mercedes c63amg
  3. as per tittle... used or new ,looking for a deal.. London based..
  4. Mine was sold for £6300 but advertised it everywhere for £7000..61k miles,new clutch/flywheel ,almost perfect condition inside and out..body kit/mods/full service/custom audio(£££) Had no interest on here at all..Sold trough eBay.. It’s a bad time of the year to sell and secondly I think your price is unrealistic mate! Need to go down by £1000 at least..
  5. I was tempted to buy! But had my eye long time on m3 e92,So proceeded and bought it few days ago.. Z looks great,but way cheap in my opinion for the age /condition/mods..Wondering why it not sold yet?
  6. selling mine ..check for sale section.. p.s.noticed you not looking for tan leather!
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    bump drive by video link added ....
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    SOLD Admins please lock it
  9. Hi Sargara! I used the company mentioned by Adrian yesterday.Im very pleased with outcome.My interior wasn’t in greatest condition and I didn’t want to attemp repair myself as most likely I wouldn’t achieve good result. Very knowledgable guy as his company does lots of leather repairs,reconditioning and even full retrim. Whole job took him aprox 3 1/2 hours,all fully masked so no marks or overspray on plastics etc.. Repair was done on both seats,gear knob and handbrake.
  10. As per title ! I know Japex and Jaizer motors around London ,but is there any other garages you could recommend ?
  11. Looks like my clutch need new slave cylinder! I can start the car,clutch pedal is so hard that it won't go down ,so car is non mover! I stuck in residential area in NW6 London.Free parking till Monday ,but then I can easily get tocket! Anyone actually know reputable specialist in London apart from Japex and Sly? Many help much appreciated!
  12. I stuck completely! Pedal is rock solid not even going down,so can't start the car! I'm in residential area and free parking only until Monday! Bank holiday weekend not helping either! Parts can only arrive on Wednesday! Looks like I need to transport the car to save place! Anyone in London does mobile repairs to 350? I'm in NW6 London now!





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