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  1. I went with the moogs by torqen great service , well worth it
  2. It really is quite straight forward get the car jacked nice and high as you need to remove the front brace which is only 12 bolts then undo the ball joint nut and that’s pretty much it, but you can run into problems if they are seized to the chassis bolts
  3. Finally got around to doing the banana arms, I had already had superpro bushes fitted around 4-5 years ago but had noticed a slight knocking noise more recently especially after a run so decided to replace the arms as the ball joints are known to cause this issue too, so the plan originally was to remove the old arms and swap the superpro bushes over to the new onesAs you can see the sleeves are completely shot and unfortunately you can’t buy these separately and I wasn’t prepared to spend another £200 on something that in my opinion perhaps shouldn’t have rotted so badly in the first place, so just installed the new arms with the standard bushes The chassis bolts were rusted as well but I half expected this after reading other threadsCleaned up with some scotch brite and a smear of grease i also purchased new cones for the ball joints New arm and cone fittedre installed the sub frame, and then it was time to fit the freshly refurbished wheels before picsas you can see they were pretty rough so I had them refurbed in sparkle silver at the wheel genie along with a fresh set of Mps4 afterthey are 100 times better than before but I can see pitting where the corrosion was and they have just powder coated over the top, not sure if this is standard practice will get some pics up fitted once I have given the car a clean
  4. Just had mine done £324 for loose wheels with tyres at wheel genie huntingdon, they offer a drive in service also that will cost around £350
  5. I read an article on money saving expert recently and they claim that using the comparison sites 21 days before renewal is when you get the cheapest prices, no idea if it works
  6. I’m confused, you’re asking for help/advice yet seem to be ignoring the help/advice on offer
  7. Ordered new moog compression arms on Sunday arrived this afternoon, great service thank you, have pm’d you regarding some more parts that I may need
  8. Ok great, thanks for the advice will get one ordered now
  9. Hi, I’ve decided to park the z up for the winter for the first time as it’s in need of some tidying up, the usual suspects banana arms, wheel refurb, interior door handles etc. The car has been in the garage for a month now and I had been starting up regularly to get the temps up before switching off and noticed the battery was cranking a little slower than normal but I have just returned from a 2 week holiday and the battery is dead, I still get dash lights but not enough juice to crank the engine so should I buy a new battery and risk it also dying through being sat or try to charge the battery that’s fitted ? bearing in mind the car will be off the road until at least March, as always any advice would be greatly appreciated
  10. What the guys above are saying is good advice,as annoying as it is that it's a non fault claim and you should be driving something equivalent to your own, I had a 'like for like' replacement when someone ran into my z, an Audi A6 convertible, I had the loaner for 7 weeks until I got part settlement, the cost for the loaner was £17500 and the tp were digging their heels in and refusing to pay and to be perfectly honest I couldn't blame them, I had one solicitors letter asking questions like 'at the time of the accident could you have afforded to hire your own car?' Filled out the forms and never heard a thing so can only assume it's all settled, the most annoying thing is that it would have cost half that to repair mine but they said it was beyond economic repair!!
  11. Here you go http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/23002-bumper-tucks/
  12. All you need is a screwdriver and some cable ties, if you search the guides section you'll find one there in how to do it, it takes around 10 minutes
  13. I've just paid £200 each for rears, they are getting really difficult to come by now in 245/45/18 the only 2 places I could find them was my tyre.co.uk or demon tweeks, good luck with your search
  14. When my z was written off I was offered the chance to buy it back and repair it myself which I did, albeit the car is now supposedly cat d and the only thing I had to do was get a new mot and let the insurance company know the certificate number and that was it, I didn't have to send the v5 away or get it independently inspected, have a chat with her insurers to find out what they require, hope this helps
  15. I had some bloke at the petrol station ask me what I had done to my car as we approached the pay kiosk, I told him exhaust, brakes thinking that would be it but he turned round and said 'yeah, I was looking at buying one of those but couldn't believe how slow it is compared to my 600bhp evo!' With that we walked back outside and he got into his clapped out transit and drove off, what an absolute tosser!!





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