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  1. Funnily enough this Pedro Gois character turned up on my FB newsfeed today. There's a member on here (and on my friend list) who's recently had some work done and is totally singing his praises on the 'Book and put up pics this morning of his work on his award winning zed. I don't know the dude's forum name and feel it's a bit harsh to put his real name on here (especially as I don't know the guy) but can PM details over if you think it would be beneficial to talk with him? Hope you get it sorted! S.
  2. If you liked this one, the Schlumpf Museum in Mulhouse and Petersen Collection in LA (OK, its a long way to go ) are both worth a visit, I might do a similar thread as Ive just about recovered from the Petersen after 3 weeks Cracking pics, the road going R390 is the boy for me Thanks for that Docwra I've heard good things about those so will put them on my list! I have a pal who bases all of his foreign holidays around visiting motor museums and tracks - a great way to visit the world. Thankfully his Mrs likes visiting too so he's got it pretty easy haha. Please do post pics of Petersen! Well identified Mondo! It is indeed Sam. I clubbed him over the head and am forcing him to live a life of servitude tending to my zeds Cheers again all
  3. Thanks for all of the kind comments guys - glad you like the pics! The place is actually a private collection (owned by Nissan) rather than a museum. It's actually more like a (very big and special) storage unit as Nissan often ship some of the cars off to go on display at car shows etc. Some of the cars are driven at these events hence there's a workshop within the building housing a collection. There were a few missing when I went - mainly from the Figaro collection. I too find it sad when you see such amazing machines just sitting on display but this place is a genuine working collection which massively adds to it's appeal. There is, however, one very big downside to going to this collection - very, very, very few collections will 'cut the mustard' as much as this one did so I feel like I've been very spoiled! If anyone's off to Japan then I booked the trip to the collection here: http://nissan-herita...ction.com/TOUR/ but be warned it's all in Japanese and you have to use translation tools to submit a request to view the collection. It's only recently been opened to the public so hopefully once it's a bit more established they'll make it a bit easier for thick westerners to book Oh and also - it's FREE to go and view. £0.00!!! S.
  4. Not all of the exhibits had their own info boards and those that did were in Japanese aside from the marque name. There were stacks there that myself and my other half (who's worked in a few specialised Jap garages in the UK) didn't recognise. The guide didn't speak any English either (I don't think it's a required skill to learn in schools over there so even very educated and 'high up' folks in business don't speak it). S.
  5. Haha yep it does at the moment. There's been reports that gypsies are trying to get into the area (they were trying to get onto the Crocky Trail last week). We have a large field next to us with no gate! I dread to think what would happen to all of my rust-buckets if we get some new neighbours! The Tempur orange one has been spotted on Wrexham industrial estate a couple of times and also in Saigton. S.
  6. This might cause some folk on here to start feeling a bit funny and over-excited: And even the toilets were high-tech!
  7. Who said Diet Coke's just for girls? Rallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cars! I loved this knocked-about brute. The engineers/technicians who look after the collection believe it's important to leave the battle-scars. Good lads! This is where the team carry out repairs on the collection (nothing happening day I went):
  8. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!.......We haven't got onto the race cars yet!....
  9. Here comes the babylon! Had to have a little cool down after seeing this one: I've always preferred the old Pulsar Tongues away please! They leave some of the windows open so you can have a sniff (very Japanese!) The other half and I met when I showed up to buy his 300ZX so we had to have a selfie in the Z32 area Oh yea, they had other Zeds there too
  10. Anyone like old Skylines? What a lovely pair of bums: More Nissan fire trucks!
  11. Been meaning to post some pics up of my trip to Nissan's DNA garage (aka 'the vault') since my trip in June. Some of the pics are a bit crap and not in the most orderly fashion - but enjoy! It's housed at Nissan's Zuma plant, about 50km south west of Tokyo: Upon arrival you gather in a reception area with some nice little displays: (Me and my long-suffering other half) But what lies behind the roller door?: This is the first glimpse that awaits (I felt like a fat-kid who'd been fed nothing but Redbull for 24 hours and then taken to the Haribo factory). Turning left into the garage the displays are arranged in roughly age/chronological order up to about the mid 70s: Historical Nissan fire-trucks! This one was used by (and signed by) the Japanese Olympic team at the Mexico Olympics (1968):
  12. If anyone's got any 1990's boom-bap rap/hip hop vinyl going up for sale then let me know! It seems a shame to cut old LP's up but if you're struggling to sell them and don't mind being a bit crafty then things like vinyl coasters are popular on sites like Etsy. These are £16 for 6 plus shipping (not mine btw!) there's quite a few 'up-cycling' options with old vinyl. Some people make them info clocks. Have a look on Etsy and see what inspires you! S.
  13. I'm not too far away - Chester. My other half works on Wrexham industrial estate and sometimes takes the Zed so you might see him about (black 350z with Nismo kit). Do you ever see an orange and black one about? (more like an asbo shade of orange rather than a bronzee)? I've heard reports of one and sounds interesting! S.
  14. I feel a bit intrusive posting on this thread as I'm of the female variety but just wanted to say 'keep your chin up' Just over 2 years ago I spilt with my ex. We'd been together for 17 years (since the age of 14!). The relationship hadn't been working for some time and, as cliched as it sounds, think we wanted different things from life. In reality we hadn't "lived" as a couple for a few years despite residing under the same roof. It devastated both of us but he a lot more as he didn't want the split. I let him stay in the house and I moved back to my folks for 12 months before buying the house back off him. Fast forward 2 years and we're both very happy in new relationships (which we both got into relatively quickly after the split) and we're still very good friends (and my ex has very graciously extended the hand of friendship to my new man). I think there's a lot more "date-able" women over 30 than folk think. These days women don't feel or have the need to stay in crappy relationships (ie financially independent), many women aren't bothered about having kids or quite happy to leave it up to later in life. Plus us oldies don't play mind games or act as pathetic as girls in their early 20s (well not so much!). OP - were you the Manchester chap that had posted about an unhappy relationship a few months back? (think I remember you saying that your now ex worked on a Manchester soap)? If so then I think you've absolutely done the right thing as your unhappiness has been dragging on for a while now. It must have felt like a knife through the heart when your ex said she wasn't looking to reunite at the moment but at least you know where you stand now. Maybe time will be a healer and after a few months she'll have a change of heart but I can't help thinking it should be 'onwards and upwards' for you now Sorry to hear about the other members going through tough-times and sorry to hear about the cat RabbitStew. I really hope you get some resolve to your situation. S.
  15. Well funnily enough the kids attraction the 'Crocky Trail' is about 1/2 a mile from my house so might see if they want it (even though it's an alligator but let's not sweat on the small details). OK, it might scare the kids but anyone who knows the place will know that the owner is far more terrifying than a dead reptile. It's certainly been an interesting one for debate and seeing how opinions differ depending on what sort of animal is on display. There is no way 100% if it was a dead mammal I'd have it in the house. But then again I don't have a problem with leather shoes and they come from mammals. But equally I wouldn't keep a pet bird as I dont like the idea of keeping things like that in a cage. I guess it's the 'glorification' of the thing which is so abhorrent. But it just seems wrong 'binning it' too. Thanks for your input all - genuinely interesting! S.





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