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  2. Well thanks for the replies. I admit I am not an expert in these things, I have never had a decent car - a divorce and then a second marriage to my wife who had cancer never left with me with the financial means to afford anything other than a "granny" car. I am sorry if my question caused such outrage - I'm just an average guy who has been blessed with the means to get a car that I was never permitted to before. In my first marriage I had the opportunity to buy a fast car - I wasn't allowed to for personal reasons. In Feb when I got a new job after taking time out to care for my second wife who had cancer and she had the all clear she said "Get a new car - whatever you want - you deserve it". For what it's worth my job now is at serious risk and I may have to return the keys - with all the consequences that come with those things. Thanks for the encouraging replies and your patience - I have now lowered the pressure to 35 psi and it's a much smoother ride. Cheers Dave
  3. Don't know or haven't used brita purifiers but Been using final rinse water purifier and it's brilliant. Been blasting through clients cars with it and don't need to use a drying towel that much anymore .
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  5. The superpro ones are pretty good, I have them and would recommend.
  6. LukeA

    Fan shroud

    Yeah not really worth it I’ll just get the TYC fan shroud instead. Shame there’s not an “upgrade” fan shroud for the HR
  7. Sorted Mods feel free to close.
  8. Mega!!!! Great update and slayed the Ring again. Bus tour sound boring but, beyond beneficial no doubt. You should be proud of what you've created. Sounds like you were out in some Nikki conditions on lapping THAT track in a powerful RWD, brave boy!!!
  9. Was the first time I have removed them. Was a bit scared of breaking the lights!
  10. 57 minutes AND STILL NO PICS! Don't worry We believe you. You're probably out driving along the empty roads now the commuters are off the roads
  11. Looks fresh in those recesses now Always find it a mission removing the rear clusters. I had to use floss or thin string last time to help loosen them!
  12. Replaced some brake light bulbs today, had to do some cleaning
  13. Congrats and good luck with the new toy!
  14. New TORQEN Big Brakes custom kit shipped to a customer in Netherlands for a GT86: Front: 6 Big Pot 356x32mm Rear: 6 Pot 330x28mm Colour: AN05 Rotors: Floating - slotted
  15. Joined up here nearly 2 years ago, when I started looking for a Z. Finally, I've bought an Ultra Yellow GT4 and picked it up yesterday. What a car, really pleased to have lucked out finding it. I'll post up some pics once I've sorted out some time to take them.
  16. Well we got back late Tuesday from the trip over to Germany. Reminded me just how awesome the Nordschleife circuit is and how good Destination Nurburgring is at organising these events. A little extra treat was the opportunity to get on a bus that toured the circuit the evening before stopping at a few choice points to walk a little section and have an instructor talk you through some pointers which proved to be really useful the following day and also quite an eye opener to the gradients and cambers..........things that look flat honestly are far far from it! It even looked flat when I drove it the next day and I knew it wasn't. If you get the offer do it! The bus driver wasn't hanging around either.........fully loaded he had a drift on at one point.......priceless! On to the following day and the weather wasn't too great, cold, foggy and damp in the morning, drying out mid morning with foggy patches. I thought I'd get a few laps in to blow off the rust as I've not been for a couple of years but it starts to come back to you! Part of the DN package includes the offer of free tuition, I wasn't too sure of the format but as they have careers to worry about they just climb into anyone's car and start lapping! Instead they drop a radio in the car with you (which there is no chance of hearing when you get going!!), then jump in the new 4 door AMG GT and then you follow them out and they gauge your pace on 1 lap then step it up the following lap. The first words that crackled over the radio is "its getting wetter and wetter and more slippery!" just what you want to hear! Then 10mins later is the vid I've linked too. I certainly wasn't chasing lap times but it was unfortunate it was slow to get going as we let some quick guys through then caught some slower traffic (and recovery truck!) in the faster sections as its would've been a better reflection of the comfortable pace the cars capable of without that........but still a great opportunity to be out 1 to 1 with an AMG test driver and racer who does "1000 laps a year". Good to note we were on pretty much the correct line with only a few places having a wider line (to ride camber and avoid bumps) than I was on previously. His comments were good on returning which will do for me!! Sadly that was the last of the drier track and the rain came so I wasn't able to build on what I'd done in the morning!! Its rained to the point of standing water and rivers crossing the track! I kept lapping and it was good to be out on the greatest circuit of them all but obviously disappointing as I really wanted more dry time! The car has changed a lot since last visit and I was happy to feel it all come together there from the 3.9FD which I'd say is perfect for the 'ring to the suspension and brakes (although the rear discs are knackered as you can hear by the horrendous screeching!!!) The engine delivered a welcome boost over stock easily pulling to over 140mph where it was asthmatic getting there before. So all in all really happy with the car and where its at!
  17. Going to need to move this back a week sorry guys. Works changed my shifts. 19th June okay?
  18. I've just had my rear bumper and the fixing brackets replaced through my insurance company after being rear ended, the garage told me that the bill was £1650 plus a courtesy car for a week with no issues about the cars value (05- 350Z).
  19. I have Maxton products and they are quality, us yellow fellows must stick together
  20. Remove the half shafts clean them up with a wire brush type of thing then pack them out with good quality grease. Torque them up and away you go.
  21. Yes exactly the same fix as the 350z. Mine did it when I bought her so fixed the same way.
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