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  2. Better off with a stoplock and RFID blocker and keeping the battery connected.
  3. Brushed with black lettering apart from the Z and the R in red please.
  4. Hey coldel, I understand on all counts but I can't work out what I did wrong, so in this case it seems odd. And since 2012, I've sold a few bits and pieces here. The images had the user name/date (albeit the date was from a few weeks ago), and only couple didn't have that but clearly the same item for sale taken at the same time (and could be removed if required). I have to re-write it again, as I can't spot it in my list. I just feel/thought that if I had left something out, surely it could be posted up with a mod note saying, please amend such and such within X time. I've seen that several times I'm sure on some adverts.
  5. If you disconnect your battery your alarm won't work? Which if your car does get stolen I bet your insurance company wouldn't be happy about. Also what's to stop them from just popping the bonnet and putting the lead back on? If you're going to do it (I wouldn't) then at least remove the negative lead completely.
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  7. Hello, helpful forumites. I am thinking to disconnect the battery as a theft deterrent for about a week. Apart from resetting the trip computer will this have any ill effects?
  8. I use a CTEK MXS 5.0 and can't fault it
  9. From experience it will be along the lines that mods are approving disproving these on their mobiles wedged between work and life commitments. To then have time to follow up with a description/discussion is sometimes not feasible, you will be surprised with how many issues around for sale ads have to be dealt with each week on top of all the other administration work they have to do that goes largely unseen by the community. This isn't aimed at you specifically Rob, the rules are very black and white, when creating an advert make sure you tick all the boxes on your before submitting and it will go through. If you feel it did, then PM a few mods with your advert, demonstrate it ticks all the boxes and I am sure one will try get back to you.
  10. Not enough posts ?? Did you have your name and date next to each item and has it met requirements ?.
  11. We have 20 allocated spaces on our stand which have all been taken I'm afraid mate. I may know of one member that may not be able to attend. EDIT: Paul, your name's on the attendee list, have you not bought your pass yet? @daveo132 @EzeePzee are you still after passes (as you're the next on the waiting list)?
  12. I posted up a thread with bits and pieces for sale, and noticed it doesn't exist now. I didn't get a PM stating that I've missed something out or need to amend the ad. So now I don't know what was wrong, just seems a bit weird without any hints as to what was specifically missing?
  13. Man up. I drive a VX220 around London no problem
  14. Thanks for the tip, so far I have only looked at garrett turbos; g25-550 I think may be too big for my power goals and I like the look of the gtx2860 .60AR as its small for quick spool and will still give 400hp (safe for a stock block). Thinking about engine managment aswell but not sure if I like Apexi hand commander look which is a bit big and bulky.
  15. Hi all Will a 350z fit on a 12ft by 6ft wide trailer? Thanks
  16. Sorry for interrupting but it’s something I would like some advice on too, because I’ll be winterising one of my cars this year
  17. 2-4 isn't an issue for me but 6-8 is definitely on the limit, at 6 weeks it's a properly spluttery slow start, 8 weeks is dead battery territory. No worries though I'll pop it on a trickle charge in the garage. Speaking of which my current charger is basically a transformer and 2 croc clips (ebay special) it works fine but I wonder if there's a nicer version people recommend?
  18. Still available - offers welcomed
  19. Yep I've got an invidia gemini off my HR for sale. Offers welcome
  20. You will be lucky if you get 2 - 4 weeks on standby I am afraid.
  21. For the past year and a bit I've been swapping between the 350 and my other car (Thwarting my attempts to get it over 100k miles) Often it sits in the garage for up to 6-8 weeks, twice now the battery has discharged and I've had to let it charge over a few days before using it when it's perfectly happy again. In the 7-8 years of ownership It's had a few batteries so it's kept fairly up to date. I've no problem with putting it on trickle charge while in the garage I'm just wondering if people consider it should be able to sit for up to two months and still be able to start happily? It has an aftermarket stereo/rear camera/auto folding mirrors, rear view mirror mod but all of them should have been wired up to the correct power (ie not the always live). It's perfectly happily not being used for a few weeks but 2 months seems to be the limit, does that seem about right? The fancy BMW just seems to turn things off to ensure the battery doesn't drain obviously the 350 doesn't have those sort of features. Just curious
  22. Thank you very much just contacted BC to see if they can help me It was torqen coilovers but my rear spring has snapped
  23. Same here ran my 350 on 95 only. I was doing 700 miles per week commute mostly motorway , no issues. They are solid cars trust them.
  24. Yeah I saw that, However, It looks pretty warn and with the flexis being scraped, I don't want to risk it. Might just get a new one from Toyosport instead
  25. Give it 12 months even after avoiding potholes something would have worn out on the car unless its relatively new. London roads are terrible. WHats the depreciation like on the renaults?
  26. Damn you really live remotely. Then again probably better roads though.
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