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  2. look like you need a new w brace
  3. nissan get a grip! bloody awful for a 50th anniversary
  4. Looks like Nissan have spent more time on the gtr than they did on the zed
  5. All the best mate, what car you getting next
  6. Today
  7. They are fixed damping,, the ride is really good , better than standard.did not go to low .. think it sits nice .
  8. Just part-exed the Zed after 15 years of ownership. Thoroughly enjoyed the car for all that time - ownership was made especially enjoyable with a great forum like this. Big thank you to all involved. Signing off, TT
  9. Reduced to £6000. Need this off my drive, getting nagged by the Mrs!
  10. That looks great, what preload did you go for or were the coilovers already pre set?
  11. Very common issue on HR and 370z, parts are not terribly expensive, to give you an idea see here: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/engine/gaskets/10819-350z-hr-nissan-oem-rear-timing-cover-oil-gallery-gasket-upper-large-13533-jk21a.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/engine/gaskets/10821-350z-hr-nissan-oem-rear-timing-cover-oil-gallery-gasket-lower-small-13533-jk21b.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/engine/timing-chains-tensioners/17260-350z-hr-torqen-flat-head-allen-socket-cap-screw-bolt-oil-gallery-gasket-hardware-replacement-18-piece-kit-for-vq35hr-engines-hrb-7991a26x14-kt.html Horsham Developments would be my call, speak to @Jez @ H-Dev for a quote on the labour.
  12. As Zmanalex said, it may be a simple issue, so forgive my daft question, but have you released the manual latch? It is located just above the rear view mirror,
  13. Fitted st Coilovers, car feels great and can drive it hard , the lowering springs I fitted a month back just weren’t up to the job .heres a few pics .. ps underneath the car there is a few rusty parts , that I would like to replace anyone no the part number and cost .. thanks everyone.
  14. my bad i posted in the wrong forum, oops
  15. Well I've just finished fixing my DAB reception a few minutes ago. What I had before was an antenna for the top of the windscreen which was earthed and laid flat under the 3 center instruments, trouble was the reception dropped out more often than not, so it wasn't good enough. So this is what I've just done: I replaced the original whip with a shorter DAB type. The little antenna amplifier at the rear filters out the higher DAB frequencies so I had to connect the original antenna lead to a DIN plug to go to the antenna. At the head unit end I've connected the antenna DIN plug to a DAB antenna splitter, which has 2 connectors to the head unit for both DAB and FM. The splitter needs power and earth so it gets power from the same cable that goes to the amplifier (I had the Bose system). The earth is connect to one of the screws below the satnav screen. The results are great now so I'm really very happy with this. I've looked at a few pics of 350z roadsters and they look like they have the same antenna as the coupe so you can probably do something similar to me?
  16. In stock mate. Do you also require the wire rod and plastic clips? I will send over a pm tonight with prices etc.
  17. It's a very common issue that only affects the HR models not the DE/Rev-up. Think it costs about £900 all in from one of the reccomended specialists on here (Horsham developments, Abbey motorsports etc). Best to get one of them to do it because I think it's a pretty involved job and they all know their way round VQ35 engines very well.
  18. Hey folks bad news today my 350z 2008 hr oil gallery gasket has given Up the ghost. any one had this issue? If so cost. I have heard that hr 07+ cost alot more compared to the DE and rev up. Any Info
  19. 350Z or Skyline ? Both in stock and both fully working.
  20. Hi do you have the boot aucuator and does it work? If so how much cheers
  21. South wales near the airport mate
  22. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-japanesecars/bayside-blue-is-back-for-2020-gt-r/40021
  23. OK let's do this - sign me up. 370z 2011.
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